Saturday, September 6, 2014

Neon Squared

Neons are some of my most favorite polishes. They are bright and happy and so many more people seem to take notice when you're wearing an eye popping color. Of course I have to go above and beyond and add a white basecoat to make it stand out even more.
This is two coats of Nina Ultra Pro Solar Flare. I then stamped the crossword image from plate FUN2 and Orly Fancy Fuchsia (one of my all time favorite polishes).
I then added some square neon studs from Born Pretty Store with some TC. They actually had some impressive staying power and didn't lose their bright color after heavy wear.
Do you use a white under your neons? Nude?

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Strawberry Kiwi

Alas, my heart breaks when we start to bid adieu to the long summer nights, warm breezes and fire pits. I've been digging through my supplies to keep things bright and in line with the season when I found this Born Pretty Store water decal french tips.

I have shrunken hands so had to whack and hack these down to fit my nails, I'm not always great at cutting straight. I lined everything up as best as I could. The base was two coats of Wet N' Wild Sugar Coat.
I added the kiwis from konad plate m55 and China Glaze Running in Circles. What are you doing to enjoy the last days of summer?

Monday, August 25, 2014

Sail Away with Me

Ahoy matey! Am I the only obsessed with nautical anything? Sweaters, color combos, stamping plates...I've been sitting on these Born Pretty Store water decals and when I looked at my FUN plate 3 and saw the adorable sailboats I knew they would be wonderful together.

This is two coats of Icing True Blue stamped with Sinful Black on Black. I then used the LeadLight technique to fill in the boats with Loreal Lolly Jolly and Miss Pixie.

I used the Born Pretty Store water decals, which I am a big fan of.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Ellagee Dolphins of the Caribbean

Ever since I was little, I've been OB-Sessed with dolphins. They are so beautiful and look like they are always smiling. Hearing stories about wild dolphins saving swimmers or surfers just amazes me. I pretty much peed my pants when I was about 10 and was able to swim with them my first trip to Mexico.

So when Laura laid these polishes on the world, I knew the next addition to my stash. Dolphins of the Caribbean is a teal jelly with various sized hex glitter and DOLPHIN glitters. Three coats covered really well and resulted in a rich color.
I stamped the accent nails with the waves from Vivid Lacquer 023 and Hello Kitty by Sephora Bubble Gum. It looks as if the dolphins are jumping through the waves.
Would you let the dolphies grace your talons?

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Golden Rose Neon Jelly

So let me profusely apologize for having horrific cuticles! I haven't been giving much care to them and you can definitely tell here in the Colorado Alpine Desert. I've been involved in a great little birthday swap group on Facebook and received this awesome Golden Rose hot pink jelly polish from Singapore along with many other beauties.
I started with three coats of the jelly. I then stamped the stars from plate BBF 01. I followed it up with the skull and bandana image from MoYou Biker 10. For the stamping I used Color Club Halo Hues Beyond.
I also thought these adorb black star rhinestones would top this off nicely. Of course if you'd like a few rainy, overcast days, just ask me to use a holo! I couldn't catch the sun on this one for photos and was sadfaced about it. 

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Purminerals Jupiter Ascending Palette Review ~

 Purminerals new Jupiter Ascending palette is inspired by the film Jupiter Ascending. 

Destined for great and extraordinary things, Jupiter Jones turns celestial dreams into reality. Recreate her signature look with six NEW and EXCLUSIVE eye shadow shades, pout enhancing lip gloss and liquid precision eyeliner.

The colors are a great neutral mix with shimmer. It's even more complimentary with my blue eyes as browns and pinks really make them pop. It's very easy to take this palette from a workday to a night out given all the combinations. 

The first look, I used Majesty in the crease. I then highlighted with destiny on the lid and highlighted with cosmos on the eyebrow line. I've played with my fair share of liquid liners and was ecstatic to see this is a pen-style eyeliner since I tend to have trouble with a brush with liquid.

Some pens seem to not have that intense black color or staying power but this black nicely defines and has all day hold. It's also not crusty and crackly by the time it dries. It's great to draw the signature wing on the outer lid.
I was also pleased to see the color of the gloss as dark shades don't look good on my skin-tone. This pink gloss is shimmery and BONUS - lights up as soon as you remove the cap.
The second look, I used Jupiter in the crease and highlighted with cosmos followed by the liner.

The palette values at $124 but can be purchased from Purminerals or Ulta for just $29.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Polish Me Silly Mermaid Tears

I love the fact that so many indie polishes offer mini samples. By the time all of us start loading up our stashes, we know that we will probably never use a whole bottle. Thermals are so fun in that they are doing something different every time you look at them.

Cold Water

Warm water

 Cold to Warm

This is three coats of Mermaid Tears. It's a dark teal jelly when it's cold and a light yellowish lime when it's really warm. I added the adorable little seashells from Born Pretty Store. They had great staying power but the gold did start coming off after a few days.

I then stamped the scalloped image from MoYou Pro Plate 01 and Sinful Snow Me White.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Enter My 100k Views Giveaway on Instagram~

I've been putting this giveaway off for too long. I was so fortunate to hit 100k views back in April and have been meaning to put together a little Instagram giveaway. Make sure to check my feed @PolishFreshie for a chance to win Mentality Polish Minx and Entice as well as some Hard Candy goodies.
Thanks for all the views and support! <3 p="">

Friday, June 27, 2014

Mentality Polish Minx

Another beautiful Mentality Polish holo coming at ya! This is two coats of Minx, a black holo with purple shimmer throughout. I used two coats and wrapped the tips since I usually don't get to taking a photo until the next day.

I then stamped the zebra image from konad m57 and used the lead light technique with the Loreal candy colors and a dotting tool. I was a little sloppy so sorry for not staying inside the lines.
Such a pretty color and again, great for stamping.