Saturday, October 25, 2014

Scary Skellington Patckwork

No like really, scary. Do NOT attempt a patchwork mani without Seche Vite on hand. I thought my Out the Door would do just fine and after two hours I finally just lived with this and called it a night.
The concept was great but we all know that sometimes it doesn't always come to fruition. I started with one thick coat of Cover Girl 110. I then used China Glaze Life Preserver and Sunshine Pop for the candy corn patchwork.
I stamped with Sinful Black on Black from Messy Mansion 06 and Jack from FUN3. Have you found other topcoats that help with tape manis? I'm all ears!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Enter Barielle's Halloween Contest Now

Barielle is having a Halloween Manicure contest starting today through October 30th. Use hashtag #bariellemanicontest & post your Halloween nail art using Barielle shades on their Facebook page. Vote for your favorites by using the Like button. Winner will receive their choice of any 2 Barielle Color Collections PLUS a No Chip Speed Dry Top Coat!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Diggin' Bones

It's time for the Halloween manis to make their way into my life! I haven't decorated yet and don't know if I have the energy to do so :(. At least my nails can get into the swing of things.

This is two coats of Hard Candy Peach Pop. I was pleasantly surprised with how smoothly the glitters dried in this polish. Rather than doing a traditional black and orange I wanted to match something to the glitters.
I stamped skulls and skeletons with Barielle Berry Posh from Sugar Bubbles 23 and MoYou Biker 10. What color suggestions do you have to mix up the traditional Halloween palate?

Monday, October 13, 2014

Barielle Me Couture Collection ~ Swatches and Review

Brrr, the leaves are falling and I can feel that brisk wind in the air that means it's fall. That means I'm begrudgingly putting away the neons and summer colors and starting to look at some fall colors. It was the perfect timing for Barielle's Me Couture collection to cross my path.

Barielle's Me Couture collection for Fall 2014 embraces the high fashion colors for this rich season of the year. A sophisticated palette combination of retro and intense shades totally compliments current styles and trends.

Taupe Notch - Creamy Dark Taupe

Vintage Gown - Creamy Rust with a Hot Pink

Berry Posh - Creamy Deep Fuchsia 

Boho Chic - A Creamy Deep Sea Green

Soho at Night - Creamy, Grape Purple

Moda Bleu - Creamy Dark Navy/Blue

I didn't use a basecoat or topcoat for any of these. Each 5 free polish retails for $8 a piece and can be purchased here.

I really like that Barielle is against animal testing. I only have a few of their polishes and these are all great color additions to my stash for 2014. While 4 of the six polishes are definitely rich, thick creams, Soho at Night at Moda Bleu are true jelly polishes and need a few more coats. The creams were nice to work with and I think would work well for stamping. The jellies were nice rich colors and would work for the leadlight technique no problem. For some reason Vintage Gown really stood out to me, a nice neutral color with a golden shimmer that I wasn't able to fully capture.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Jaded Turquoise

I made a Born Pretty Store order awhile back and included a lot of gems and accents. After staring at these teardrops that look like jade/turquoise I thought I'd match a stamp to them.

I have a great new teal jelly straight from Singapore thanks to a Birthday Swap group on Facebook. I used three coats and stamped with FUN3 and Sinful Black on Black. For the accent nails I used a Sally Hansen guide and Orly Goth before adding the gems.

They were a bit large but I managed to not pick them off for a day or two. Can you keep them on your nails or do you pick them off right away like me?

Saturday, September 27, 2014

THE Ohio State Nails

One of my best friends and coworkers is n Ohio State alum. She went to the first game of the year and asked if I would give her an appropriate mani. Of course! I dug through my stash to which colors would match best.
I used two coats of China Glaze Hey Sailor and then topped it off with Gettin' Miss Piggy with It. I used Sinful Snow Me White for the base of her accent nails and stamped with Hey Sailor and Messy Mansion 06.
I then used those awesome little nail tattoo decals to finish it off. Of course I'm dyslexic and put some of them on upside down =/. I told her to show off the good hand ha! She said she got a lot of compliments and they won so I can't help but think my mani played a role.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Neon Squared

Neons are some of my most favorite polishes. They are bright and happy and so many more people seem to take notice when you're wearing an eye popping color. Of course I have to go above and beyond and add a white basecoat to make it stand out even more.
This is two coats of Nina Ultra Pro Solar Flare. I then stamped the crossword image from plate FUN2 and Orly Fancy Fuchsia (one of my all time favorite polishes).
I then added some square neon studs from Born Pretty Store with some TC. They actually had some impressive staying power and didn't lose their bright color after heavy wear.
Do you use a white under your neons? Nude?

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Strawberry Kiwi

Alas, my heart breaks when we start to bid adieu to the long summer nights, warm breezes and fire pits. I've been digging through my supplies to keep things bright and in line with the season when I found this Born Pretty Store water decal french tips.

I have shrunken hands so had to whack and hack these down to fit my nails, I'm not always great at cutting straight. I lined everything up as best as I could. The base was two coats of Wet N' Wild Sugar Coat.
I added the kiwis from konad plate m55 and China Glaze Running in Circles. What are you doing to enjoy the last days of summer?

Monday, August 25, 2014

Sail Away with Me

Ahoy matey! Am I the only obsessed with nautical anything? Sweaters, color combos, stamping plates...I've been sitting on these Born Pretty Store water decals and when I looked at my FUN plate 3 and saw the adorable sailboats I knew they would be wonderful together.

This is two coats of Icing True Blue stamped with Sinful Black on Black. I then used the LeadLight technique to fill in the boats with Loreal Lolly Jolly and Miss Pixie.

I used the Born Pretty Store water decals, which I am a big fan of.