Monday, June 22, 2015

Play Your Cards Right

So hard to believe I'm truly into my thirties these days, boo! I really don't feel like it, but does anybody really when they get older? I decided it was completely necessary to bring in this year's birthday with one of the besties in Vegas.
MoYou's Tourist plate 12 was waiting for an occasion such as this. It was hard to choose from all the images, plus I have pretty small nails that can't fit some of the full nail images on them. I ended up going with straight playing cards.
Two coats of Cover Girl Snow Storm 110 was then stamped with Sinful Black on Black and China Glaze Hey Sailor from the card symbols and the Jack cards. I didn't strike it rich, but received the most comments and compliments on this mani than I have in a good long while.


  1. These look like so much fun! Hope you had fun in Vegas.

    1. Thank you! Great friend and definitely some memories =D

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