Saturday, March 7, 2015

Salon Perfect Plumeria

Finally, that famous Colorado sunshine has found its way back from the pits of the earth. Of course it didn't feel the need to show up when I used Salon Perfect Plumeria, a holo glitter raspberry jelly polish.

I didn't want to scrub the glitter off, I could tell it was a little on the rough side so I decided to use China Glaze Ahoy! as an undie, two coats to be exact. I used two coats of Plumeria and then accented with Sinful Snow Me White roses from MM 07 and used a gradient LeadLight technique with Loreal jelly polishes.
When I did catch this girl in the sun it was swerve the car worthy.


  1. There are many possibilities, but Salon Perfect needs to fix the formula ASAP. That's really nice. I have 2 coats. It’s a kind of matte finish, but I love it!