Sunday, December 14, 2014

What's Christmas w/o Argyle?

There is just not enough time in December to do all the festive manicures I'd like for the holidays. Between snowflakes, santas and other fun ideas, I have to hurry and bust out as many as possible. To kick-off the holidays I needed some sparkle and argyle.

The red is two coats of Ulta Bombeshell, an awesome red jelly with scattered holo, although it is gritty when dry. I stamped with Sinful Snow Me White and the candy canes from Bunny Nails HD-F.
For my "sweater" nails I started with a base coat of Sinful Summer Song so the glitter would come off easier. I picked up Milani Sugar Coated. Not one I had seen before. It has a lot of hex and bar green glitter with a scattered holo.
Lastly, I stamped with Coloc Club Mamba from Sugar Bubbles 021.