Monday, October 13, 2014

Barielle Me Couture Collection ~ Swatches and Review

Brrr, the leaves are falling and I can feel that brisk wind in the air that means it's fall. That means I'm begrudgingly putting away the neons and summer colors and starting to look at some fall colors. It was the perfect timing for Barielle's Me Couture collection to cross my path.

Barielle's Me Couture collection for Fall 2014 embraces the high fashion colors for this rich season of the year. A sophisticated palette combination of retro and intense shades totally compliments current styles and trends.

Taupe Notch - Creamy Dark Taupe

Vintage Gown - Creamy Rust with a Hot Pink

Berry Posh - Creamy Deep Fuchsia 

Boho Chic - A Creamy Deep Sea Green

Soho at Night - Creamy, Grape Purple

Moda Bleu - Creamy Dark Navy/Blue

I didn't use a basecoat or topcoat for any of these. Each 5 free polish retails for $8 a piece and can be purchased here.

I really like that Barielle is against animal testing. I only have a few of their polishes and these are all great color additions to my stash for 2014. While 4 of the six polishes are definitely rich, thick creams, Soho at Night at Moda Bleu are true jelly polishes and need a few more coats. The creams were nice to work with and I think would work well for stamping. The jellies were nice rich colors and would work for the leadlight technique no problem. For some reason Vintage Gown really stood out to me, a nice neutral color with a golden shimmer that I wasn't able to fully capture.