Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Golden Rose Neon Jelly

So let me profusely apologize for having horrific cuticles! I haven't been giving much care to them and you can definitely tell here in the Colorado Alpine Desert. I've been involved in a great little birthday swap group on Facebook and received this awesome Golden Rose hot pink jelly polish from Singapore along with many other beauties.
I started with three coats of the jelly. I then stamped the stars from plate BBF 01. I followed it up with the skull and bandana image from MoYou Biker 10. For the stamping I used Color Club Halo Hues Beyond.
I also thought these adorb black star rhinestones would top this off nicely. Of course if you'd like a few rainy, overcast days, just ask me to use a holo! I couldn't catch the sun on this one for photos and was sadfaced about it. 


  1. The black stars are so awesome! Very cute!

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