Thursday, May 1, 2014

GlamGlaze Pink to Mint thermal errr Gray to Gray Thermal

Afternoon! I can't believe it's been a week since I have posted. That pesky life getting in the way and all. Happy Friday Eve. Recently, I made a purchase of some GlamGlaze polishes. What really prompted this buy was seeing a photo of a custom pink to mint thermal holo on the site. Upon getting the polish and seeing that it was indeed the name, pink to mint thermal holo, thought everything to be pretty straight forward.
When I used two quick coats over some stamping I had done with Sephora Hello Kitty Minty and the triangles from BundleMonster plate 423, there was nothing going on like I had anticipated. There was definitely no pink, and not even really mint. Overall the polish is pretty much just gray. Even from hot water to cold water - gray.
After going to GlamGlaze on Instagram, I saw a swatch of the same polish that looked nothing like mine, it was gray with at least a hint of mint and an itty bitty sliver of pink at the bottom. I then went back to the site to find the photo of the polish I was under the impression I had ordered, this photo and polish seem to be no more.
I was a bit confused and wanted to reach out to see if maybe I had a bad batch? When I emailed to inquire what the deal was I literally got a "LOL, I forgot you got that polish - it turned out that way for everyone - that's why I'm no longer selling it." It seems a new polish took it's place, which can be found here. The replacement is a teal to pastel pink so it seems sans any mintyness. I guess I was just surprised that it was kind of "oh well" reaction overall and no offer or discount for a replacement.

After running the polish under very hot water

Rather than the happy spring polish I thought I was adding to my stash - the gray/gray holo will more than likely be pushed back to go with my fall and winter wardrobe.