Thursday, April 17, 2014

Enchanted Polish March 2014

Back in February I took the EP plunge and made my first purchase. I haven't used February's mauve/pink release yet. I then did the pre-order for March and April's mystery colors. March is a grassy green that felt Easter to me. I have to admit at first I was like hype=crazy for Enchanted Polish?

Once coating my itty bitty nail beds with that holo, I understood. That linear blast of deliciousness burst when it hit the sunlight. I planned on doing some stamping decals but the carrot easter egg design I wanted to use from Bundle Monster didn't allow for any decal work. I went with it anyway.
This is two coats of Enchanted Polish March 2014. It has a fantastic consistency for an indie. For the accent nails I used two coats of Icing Mint 2 Be and stamped with Avon Saturn from BMH09.
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  1. That is such a vibrant holographic green! It goes well with the stamping nails too.

    1. Thanks Lisa! It is unique to my collection that's for sure ~

  2. I love green (and blue) so I love this