Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Moon Sugar Decals ~ St. Patrick's Day Image Review

I happened across the Moon Sugar Decals site and scrolled and scrolled through all of the fun and different water decal options. I hadn't heard of the company before seeing this mani from Lace & Lacquers. I wanted to give them a whirl myself. I was pretty excited to mess with the St. Patrick's Day offerings. I do happen to be a Murphy =D.

First off, I thought that the selection was really great and provided plenty of opportunity for skittles and different image manis. The downside of the great selection is I have shrunken toddler hands and this includes tiny nails that don't always lend themselves to large stamping and decal images. There were still plenty of options to fit my handlets.
For the base I did a St. Pat's ombre using China Glaze Starboard, Dandy Lyin' Around and Life Preserver. Two coats of each (one coat where I did the gradient). I was surprised to see the decals were supposed to go into warm water as usually it's room temperature.
They slid off the paper nicely, but definitely took the full 30 seconds to be move-able. I would definitely recommend knowing where you wants each image as they didn't seem to slide around as long as some others I've worked with. I could situate where I needed but really needed to work fast. I was able to pull one back off quickly without damaging my base or the decal before repositioning it.

The only images that gave me trouble, were the circular shamrock images. They didn't really lie flat, but to be fair, my index nails are extremely curved. With two coats of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri - they have remained flat and clean in terms of the images. These decals, and more than 120 other designs, can be purchased directly from their site for $3.99 a sheet. They also have the option to create your own custom image on a high quality decal (not that eBay junk).

Overall, I think they have a great selection of designs, an innovative concept to create your own and good staying power. The price is right with free shipping from anywhere in the U.S.