Saturday, March 8, 2014

Color Club Celebration 2014 Collection ~ Bundle of Joy

As I mentioned earlier this week, I was able to grab some of the new Color Club Celebration 2014 collection from Transdesign. I couldn't help using Bundle of Joy first. This gorgeous baby blue cream with huge and small black hexes also has almost silvery clear and shiny silver hex glitters throughout.
 As Color Club sways to more of an Indie look with this collection, the formula seems to match. It was very thick. I actually thought this particular polish was pretty hard to work with (I'd like to use thinner and see if that helps spread it out). This is two coats and after looking at the end result very closely - there were little air bubbles :(.
I could have sworn that the large black hex on my index finger was taco-ing (yes I realize us polish addicts have our own entire vocab). To be fair, my nails are very round and I didn't see this with the large glitters on any of my other fingers. Also, after 5-6 days of wear it stayed nice and put.
There were some bald patches but I was afraid a third coat would create a little clumpy village. I used a quick dry TC to smooth things out before stamping. I used the various images from MM06 stamped with Sinful Black on Black. The "oh la la" was very hard to pickup on the stamp. Honestly I was pretty put off by the formula right after using the polish, but the color is beautiful, and after wearing the mani a few days - it kinda grew on me. I'm hoping the rest of the collection isn't as challenging.


  1. What a pretty shade. I like how milky it looks too.

  2. It is a pretty color Lisa - it made up for the awful formula ;)

  3. This is very adorable! Love the mint blue-ish color! Esp the "Oh Lala" nail one!

  4. Wow, this nail polish looks so cute. Nice model too :)

  5. I just bought Surprise! from NailPolishCanada. I've had my eye on that topper for a couple weeks now and scooped it up as soon as I saw it available (today). The other ones from this collection I'm considering are Something New, For You, With Love and Everlasting Love. Can't wait to see what Surprise looks like!