Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Angel Eyes and Wings ~ Mirror Stamping Revelation

Orly has such amazing glitters, especially when they started doing the large chunks and holo hexes. I'm a big fan of their bottles due to the fact that I'm a weakling and the gripper topper is always kind to me. I went for an untried in the blue beauty that is Orly Angel Eyes. I wanted easy removal so started with a coat of China Glaze Pelican Gray.

Two coats of Angel Eyes covered the base nicely. I was happy with how smoothly it dried. For the accent nails I used three coats of China Glaze Rainbow stamped with Orly Prelude to a Kiss with the clouds from BM312.
Then I used the angel wing image from BM417. Now, the first wing, fine - went on heavenly ;). Then I realized I'd need to attempt my first mirror stamp and found this tutorial from Wacky Laki. Good in theory, BUT I just wasn't fast enough to get the image to another stamper then my nail. After more research, I found this video which was like a backwards decal method. No go.
I then had an epiphany and thought, why don't I add topcoat to create a regular decal so I have more time to get it off the stamp? Voila! Have you tried either of these methods? What works for you?

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring has Sprung - Well Technically

While everyone is excited about blossoms, baby animals and the spring equinox, I sit here as it's snowing outside =*(. Spring really doesn't exist here in the Rockies, we have random snow, some nice days and finally in May - BAM! Everything is finally green and beautiful. Since we've now had the official day of Spring I wanted to do a mani that matched.
I started with a mini Cover Girl beauty I picked up at Target, Scalding Emerald. It's an olive green shimmer with gold and blue. I used three coats, it dried smooth. I then stamped the tree image from Bunny Nails HDF with Sally Hansen Mochachino. I wanted this to look like brown trees, but with the base color they almost look like leaves.

I then used two coats of Orly Prelude to a Kiss and made stamping decals with Mochachino and the sparrows from plate mls301. I used a dotting tool to fill them with Color Club Eternal Beauty and Cosmic Fate. I had a bit of trouble with bubbling and streaking so I do need to practice a bit more with this technique.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Few More Hours to Win Copy of Totally Cool Nails!

Don't forget to enter here! 

Preview - Cirque Colors Heritage Collection

From the Aztecs to the Inuits, Cirque Colors drew inspiration from the native
cultures of the Americas to create a collection called -- Heritage.  This
collection consists of 7 vibrant holographic lacquers that celebrate the richly
spirited traditions and arts of these indigenous groups.  Sky Woman, a
shimmering periwinkle, was inspired by the fabled creation story about
 the woman who fell from the sky.  While the bright pink hue of
Powwow embodies the dynamic music and performances honoring
 their heritage.
An electric fuchsia with a rainbow holographic finish

Luminous Owl
An homage to iconic printmaker, Kenojuak Ashevak; A warm coral with a rainbow holographic finish

A flashy chartreuse with a rainbow holographic finish

A vivid turquoise with a rainbow holographic finish

A deep periwinkle with a rainbow holographic finish

Sky Woman
After the Aztec word meaning "flower"; A radiant orchid with a rainbow holographic finish

The first-known Navajo silversmith; A silver foil with a rainbow holographic finish

The Heritage collection will be available online at on
April 10, 2014.  New lower prices for all holographic lacquers will be
$13 (originally $15).  Refer to theStockists page for participating retailers.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Dollish Polish ~ Welcome to the Emerald Isle

I have been racking my brain to decide which green, festive wonder I wanted to don for my St. Patrick's Day mani. Circle glitter, square glitter and shamrock glitter oh my! I finally went with my first ever Dollish Polish - Welcome to the Emerald Isle. While it didn't (or so I thought) have shamrock glitter, it was so full of geometric goodness and different shapes, I couldn't resist.

Wouldn't you know, lucky me, the first stroke contained a shamrock! I wasn't able to fish out anymore but wasn't disappointed with all the color, shimmer and shape that this baby packed. This is three coats. It went on nicely and I had a great selection of what was in the bottle that actually landed on my nail.

Accent nail is one coat Sinful Snow Me White stamped with Ulta 3 Frog Prince and Zoya Annie from BM H05. I think this one will be making a 2nd appearance, and not even necessarily for St. Pat's!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Shamrock Galaxy Nails

I have been wanting to play with the galaxy nail look so decided to do something festive for St. Patrick's Day and go with some green, shamrock galaxy nails. the perfect vamp green base for this was two coats of Ulta Green with Envy.

Then I sponged Barielle Peach Popsicle and Mint Ice Cream on top. I then stamped shamrocks with the two colors and Sinful Snow Me White from Messy Mansion plate 04 and the star image from K05.

This wouldn't be complete without a little gold so I added a coat of CND Gold Sparkling.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Totally Cool Nails ~ Book Review & Giveaway

So it seems that nail art and fun DIY designs are all over the place, YouTube, Blogs, Pinterest - you name it. Well what ever happened to the good ole' fashioned book you could hold in your hand and follow along? It seems there has been a recent release of great nail art books including Totally Cool Nails just released by Catherine Rodgers. Catherine is the creator of the YouTube Channel with the same moniker.

Now, in all honesty, I had no idea this book was geared towards the mini-me's until I received in the mail. Considering I suck harder than a fuel pump in an XXXL Hummer at free-hand nail art I thought - all the better for me!

Here are a few designs of the total of 50 ~


I figured, why not try one of these babies out myself. I went for a simple design, changed up the colors a bit and held my breathe.
I skipped the gradient for time issues and went with three coats of Sinful Cinderella as my base. Once fairly dry, I created the balloon with the actual polish brush from Orly Fancy Fuchsia instead of the art brush Catherine recommends. Thankfully it worked alright. I then used Stripe Rite to create the string.

Um yes, this is my kind of freehand nail art. Super simple and cute. Perfect for the munchkins. I like the range of designs ranging from regular to seasonal and holidays. The fact that each of the photos is on a kiddos hand is great, proving that any of the design can fit on most tiny fingers.

The clear and easy instructions are clearly numbered.
I'd say whether big or small, this is a good choice for simple, quick and step-by-step nail tutorials. The book retails for $15.99 in the U.S. But guess what? You can enter to win one right now!


  • Must be 13 years of age with parent permission or older
  • Open to U.S. and Canadian residents only
  • No cash value
  • Polish Freshie nor Publishing company will be responsible for lost or stolen prize
  • Winner has 48 hours from notification email to respond before a new winner will be chosen

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Moon Sugar Decals ~ St. Patrick's Day Image Review

I happened across the Moon Sugar Decals site and scrolled and scrolled through all of the fun and different water decal options. I hadn't heard of the company before seeing this mani from Lace & Lacquers. I wanted to give them a whirl myself. I was pretty excited to mess with the St. Patrick's Day offerings. I do happen to be a Murphy =D.

First off, I thought that the selection was really great and provided plenty of opportunity for skittles and different image manis. The downside of the great selection is I have shrunken toddler hands and this includes tiny nails that don't always lend themselves to large stamping and decal images. There were still plenty of options to fit my handlets.
For the base I did a St. Pat's ombre using China Glaze Starboard, Dandy Lyin' Around and Life Preserver. Two coats of each (one coat where I did the gradient). I was surprised to see the decals were supposed to go into warm water as usually it's room temperature.
They slid off the paper nicely, but definitely took the full 30 seconds to be move-able. I would definitely recommend knowing where you wants each image as they didn't seem to slide around as long as some others I've worked with. I could situate where I needed but really needed to work fast. I was able to pull one back off quickly without damaging my base or the decal before repositioning it.

The only images that gave me trouble, were the circular shamrock images. They didn't really lie flat, but to be fair, my index nails are extremely curved. With two coats of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri - they have remained flat and clean in terms of the images. These decals, and more than 120 other designs, can be purchased directly from their site for $3.99 a sheet. They also have the option to create your own custom image on a high quality decal (not that eBay junk).

Overall, I think they have a great selection of designs, an innovative concept to create your own and good staying power. The price is right with free shipping from anywhere in the U.S.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Color Club Celebration 2014 Collection ~ Bundle of Joy

As I mentioned earlier this week, I was able to grab some of the new Color Club Celebration 2014 collection from Transdesign. I couldn't help using Bundle of Joy first. This gorgeous baby blue cream with huge and small black hexes also has almost silvery clear and shiny silver hex glitters throughout.
 As Color Club sways to more of an Indie look with this collection, the formula seems to match. It was very thick. I actually thought this particular polish was pretty hard to work with (I'd like to use thinner and see if that helps spread it out). This is two coats and after looking at the end result very closely - there were little air bubbles :(.
I could have sworn that the large black hex on my index finger was taco-ing (yes I realize us polish addicts have our own entire vocab). To be fair, my nails are very round and I didn't see this with the large glitters on any of my other fingers. Also, after 5-6 days of wear it stayed nice and put.
There were some bald patches but I was afraid a third coat would create a little clumpy village. I used a quick dry TC to smooth things out before stamping. I used the various images from MM06 stamped with Sinful Black on Black. The "oh la la" was very hard to pickup on the stamp. Honestly I was pretty put off by the formula right after using the polish, but the color is beautiful, and after wearing the mani a few days - it kinda grew on me. I'm hoping the rest of the collection isn't as challenging.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Sneak Peek ~ Color Club Celebration 2014 Collection

I was trolling the awesomely discounted wholesale nail polish sites as us addicts often do when I stopped cold in my webtracks to find TransDesign had added the 2014 Color Club Celebration Collection. I hadn't seen anything on this release yet and started Googling for swatches.
I really couldn't find anything except the same polishes on a similar wholesale site that at least had more detailed shots of the bottles so I could get a feel for what they looked like before ordering. I did notice that the individual bottle price of CC has rocketed :(.

I decided to order four of the new line - Left to Right - Bundle of Joy, For You, Something New and Girl Code.

Keep your peepers peeled for a mani with Bundle of Joy later this week! All I can say is they are in the fast lane to feeling like some great Indies!