Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Peacock Stamping Decals ~ My First Go

I'm not sure if it was the fabulous Julia from Messy Mansion or someone else who invented the nail stamping decal, but they deserve lots of pretty things. I honestly don't know how some of you ladies think to do some of these creative techniques, but I'm thankful for the need to discover from all of you.
I decided to give nail stamping decals a go. I'm not a very patient person I was unsure of how long this first attempt would take. Thankfully everything worked out and I was pleasantly surprised with the time and result.
I stamped the full peacock feather image from MM14 with Sinful Snow Me White and let it dry. I then took a small brush and hand painted in the blue and green, China Glaze Mistletoe Kisses and Blue Year's Kiss. After two coats of Snow Me White I stamped the same image with Blue Year's Kiss and Zoya Ivanka.
After that dried I added a layer of fast dry top coat, let dry, pushed off with my nail and voila! Have you tried this new technique?

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Little Orange Crush

Not sure how many NFL-American Football fans are out there in this community but I'm sure there are plenty just like me! Not only am I an NFL fan, I was pretty much a Denver Bronco fan before I exited the womb. My parents moved here in the late 70's and really grew to love the team. Every Sunday I'd have to wait until half-time for my Dad to attempt and help me with my advanced math homework (I wasn't much help either). Living in Colorado all my life doesn't hurt either.

Needless to say it's in my blood and I've carried the torch.  Even better, hubby and his family pretty much have the same story so it's something we can really enjoy together. Which brings me to this mani, last year, you may recall a sorrowful blue mani when we fell to the Ravens. I wasn't sure if I should post this one before or after the game (hey, it's only weird if it doesn't work). I still haven't grasped the fact that we are SUPER BOWL BOUND!!!
This is two coats of Cover Girl 110 stamped using Sation Starlet and Avon Saturn from plate BM423. I then used plate m49 for the french tips and these awesome little NFL nail tattoos I've had in the closet forever.
Will you be cheering for my orange and blue or Seattle? If you don't care do you at least enjoy the commercials?

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Avon Cosmic Nail Enamel Swatches + Review

I've long been a fan of Avon products. Ever since I was a teen and could steal my Mom or Grandma's catalog and ask them if I could order a few things there just seems to always be at least one of two items I have an interest in. I'm a big fan of their eyeliners, especially when they are on sale.
The company has definitely seemed to of been expanding their nail colors, collections and overall manicure-type products for a few years now. They jumped on crackle pretty quickly as well as matte, fast dry etc. I came across their Cosmic Nail Enamel collection the other day and though "Holos?! What? On Sale? Need them. Now."
I added a total of five colors to my cart, I believe two or three colors were already out of stock. Once they arrived I had to run out into the Colorado sunshine just to make sure this wasn't a big fat lie. Be still my heart, while of course not the ultra-coveted linear holographic, they were still as beautiful as ever in that direct light.
Starburst is a bright pink holo

In the shade

Celestial is a dusty blue almost leaning teal mint, definitely a unique color to me

In the shade

Radiant is a very mild, light gold/champagne holo 

 In the shade

Saturn, a burnt orange holo - one of the most unique of the collection

In the shade

 Eclipse, a gorge black holo

In the shade

Each swatch was two coats with no base or topcoat. The formula was nice, every one but Radiant was very opaque in two coats. I bet they stamp nicely as well. While I must admit, I don't have a ridiculous amount of holo polishes, of the five I purchased, there are some unique holos in here. Saturn is probably the most unique with Radiant having an interesting mix between blue, teal and mint. For me, I think the star is Eclipse. Yes a black holo is a black holo, but man this was just so stunning in the light I couldn't stop salivating over it. I'd probably buy these babies at the full $6 price BUT they are currently on sale for $2.99 on Avon's site. Unfortunately some of the colors have already sold out but it appears they are going to restock Eclipse and  Supernova. For the price and great coverage, and some interesting colors - I'd recommend picking up a few of these while there's still time.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Dinosaur Eggs

I'm sure just like me, you all have a massive amount of untried beauties just waiting for their chance to shine. This concoction was all about using some of those polishes that have never seen the light. This is two coats of Zoya Evvie. A perfect fall/winter polish this one but I'm not sure about the color on my skin-tone.

It grew on me but I wasn't convinced at first. Evvie is a nice dark green gray crelly and covered in tow coats. I then used my Born Pretty Store dotters to create the various sized polkas on my accent nails with Finger Paints Hue Left a Message?
This pink glitter seemed so much more opaque in the bottle. It's a very think formula so I wouldn't recommend wearing it on its own. Lastly, I used Orly French Tip Guides and quickly threw on two coats of Hue to create a french.
The more I stared at this, the more I thought of dinosaur eggs. Like those who ones that used to be in the show Dinosaurs?

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Follow My North Star

Yay, this is one of my "that's exactly what I was going" for manis! Doncha just love when that happens in real life? I started with one coat of Sinful Black on Black followed by one coat of Kleancolor Black Chunky Holo. If you're stamping over this you must wait FOR EV ERRR otherwise it squishes right off.
I then stamped the multiple star image from Bunny Nails plate HD-F with China Glaze Cherish. For the accent nails I used one coat of Cherish followed by two coats of China Glaze Ray-diant.

Champ and Gunner wanted to say hello!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

What Graced the Tips as They Waved Goodbye to 2013

I cannot grasp the fact that today marks 2014. Last year was such a blur. You know that saying slow days, fast years? Pretty much my life. To bid 2013 adieu I donned the sequins, a matching mani and had some tasty cocktails while looking like a fool trying to play Dance, Dance Revolution.
I'm dreading going back to work after a phenomenal 12 days off (albeit most of them I wanted to crawl in a hole thanks to my friend the flu) but am thankful for a job that I love and a small bonus and raise!
The nails did not turn out how I imagined them at all but silver, gold and sparkle will always do. This is two coats of China Glaze Mingle with Kringle stamped with China Glaze Avalanche and BM417 and the barely readable numbers from BM311 stamped with Snow Me White.
The accent nails are two coats of Kleancolor Bridal Shower with a kiss stamped from BM303 and Maybelline Bold Gold. I could barely pick up the "2014" with my camera but I can assure you it was there.

Here's to an awesome year!