Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Let the Holiday Nail Inspiration Commence!

As I sit here sipping on my peppermint mocha and enjoying the fact that I took the entire Thanksgiving week off, I realize that there is no denying the holidays are in full swing. While lights, music and all the rest of the hullabaloo makes me feel festive, I just wish we could get through freakin' Halloween before all the retailers start shoving this stuff down our throats.
I'd really like to take the week to do some crafting and get the house in order plus some awesome nail goodness! I will begin with my latest mani, and while I agree bird cages aren't festive, the Lights of Emerald City makes my holiday heart swoon.
They are like square-ly wonderful snowflakes and remind me of the sparkle once they have fallen and I may just have to use this lady again before the season comes to a close.
This is three coats of OPI Don't Burst my Bubble with one coat of Lights of Emerald City stamped with sinful Snow me White and Messy Mansion 14.

Here's some puppy paws in the snow just to make you smile ~


  1. l love how cute and pretty this looks.