Thursday, October 31, 2013

It's All Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus

Why yes, I am watching the greatest Halloween movie of All. Time. Hocus Pocus! It never gets old, it always make me feel festive and it's definitely a tradition for me. My Dad took me to see the flick back when it was in theaters so it's always had a special place in my heart. So funny at the time we were the only ones in the theater and now it's a total cult classic.
To round out all Hallow's Eve, I have this mani to share. I thought that Hard Candy Jubilee was pretty much the quintessential Halloween polish. With it's murky green, black hex glitter and orange bar glitter it made the cut.
This was two coats with the accent nails stamping from BM-305 and Sinful Snow Me White.

Have a safe and awesome evening, and of course, don't light any black flame candles!

Saturday, October 19, 2013


Don't you just hate when you stare at all your polish, then your bare nails, back at your polish? Sometimes I just go into a daze trying to think of what color and art concoction I'd like to try. This is how this "holo"ween mani came about. I decided well why not use all holographic nail polish.
 with flash at night
 with flash at night

I started with a free-hand glob of that gorgeous Glitter Gal not another red on my accent fingers. Once dry I then did the top half with China Glaze Virtual Violet. I then used three coats of China Glaze Gamer Glam on the rest of my nails.
Direct Sunlight

Black on Black is seriously my go-to black polish. It's cheap and gets the job done. I used the castle from Bundle Monster plate 305. I used the bat image from BM 301 on my middle finger and Viva La Nails Halloween stickers (it now appears they only make these in water decals which are actually much easier for me to work with) for my pointer and pinkie - set 535.
I'm very happy with these and could live with holo-ween :).

Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Little Monsters Inc.

The beginning of the Halloween manis! Mwahahahhahah ~ While I'm not that great at free-hand nailart I try to interpret themes, holidays etc. as best I can. I saw a few killer Hocus Pocus manis and about shed a tear because they were so beautiful :p.
This the first of a few of October's manis. Of course green and purple are in the mix for Halloween. I started with two coats of Revlon french tip duos in Moonstruck. This is a soft purple with silver shimmer. I then stamped with Ulta 3 Frog Prince and konad plate m63.
I then topped it off with a coat of NYX Super Funk. The purple dots for some reason reminded me of Sully from Monsters Inc. Although I now realized it I would have done blue and purple I would have been "spot" on. Do you give free-hand a whirl or stick to stamping and other techniques?

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Celebrate Sequins

Between going on vacay, catching up with work, playing softball and catching a cold I haven't felt like doing much else lately. My nails have definitely been neglected but hopefully no more! This is the first mani I've done in a minute. I wasn't overwhelmed but I'll get have to get more creative next time.
This is three coats of Sinful Neon Melon, I thought a white coat underneath would make stamping a challenge and the polish would roll so didn't use one. I then stamped the fan-like image from Messy Mansion plate 07 with Color Club Wild Orchid

Lastly, I used one thick coat of Hard Candy Celebrate Sequins. For some reason when I picked up this polish I thought all the glitter was square but it's just sort of mingled in with regular and mini hex glitters. Have a great weekend!