Friday, August 30, 2013

Jindie Nails Moon Walk

I can't remember where I saw the first swatches of Jindie Nails new special edition polishes but it made me go right to her store and pre-order ( I learned it was a pre-order because I was so pumped I kept wondering where they were in the mail. When I emailed, she let me know she was creating as we spoke and they would be mailed soon).
This is two coats of Moon Walk. I think all of us are a little obsessed with those humongous round glitters right about now and to see  those in various sizes along with stars and moons suspended in a neon pink jelly base I was mesmerized.
I did have to shimmy and shake the bottle a lot to get the glitters, but to be fair it was a super mini size bottle. I love all the glitter in the jelly and the color itself. I wore this well over a week. I was impressed with how long the glitters stayed on. Of course there are always a few casualties when one corner starts peeking through the polish.
 To go with the space theme on my accent finger I used one coat of China Glaze Lemon Fizz stamped with Sinful Sugar N Spice from Salon Express 22 and then stamped with Sinful Black on Black from Salon Express plate 21.
Overall this is an awesome polish I was glad to add to my ever-growing collection. Full size and mini size bottles can be purchased here.