Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Essie Acrewed Interest vs. Sinful Skylark

I don't think I've ever met a peach polish that wasn't my new BFF. Once I spotted Sinful Skylark I didn't deny that it was probably coming home with me. I realized it seemed very similar to Essie Acrewed Interest but I cared not!
Once splashing the two side-by-side on the tips, It was apparent there are no dupes here peopletttes! Acrewed Interest is much sheerer and not as saturated. Skylark could possibly be a one coater and leans more orange. 

To my delight of course I have two totally different hued peachy polishes. I used two coats of each polish without a topcoat.


  1. Both are lovely peach colors! :)

  2. Great comparison. It's weird how close polishes can look in the bottle (or in your head) and then on the nails they are completely different.

    1. Thanks Essie~ They looked like total dupes, but you're right until you get them on the nail - no way of telling.

  3. I really like these, they are both pretty!