Saturday, July 6, 2013

Tootsie Alert - Cheetah Sparkle Pedi

I'm not sure if all of you find it as big a pain in the ass to give yourself a pedi vs. a mani. I just feel like feet or so much more work! Although, there is always the benefit of being able to use your dominant hand on both feet for a concise look. I hammered down and came up with this fun sparkly cheetah design.
Do you ever think it is extra weird that polish lasts way longer on toes than on hands? They take so much more abuse, yet have massive staying power. I started with one coat of Sinful Beautiful Girl, a sheer bubblegum pink. I added a second coat to my large toe for opacity.

I then added two coats of a no name Dare fuchsia glitter polish. I then stamped the cheetah design from plate m55 on my big toe and used a dotting tool to add some of the fuchsia glitter.


  1. Cute pedi! I love the leopard print :)