Monday, May 20, 2013

Shimmer Polish Trisha Jelly Sammy

*Sample provided for review* I've come to realize that warm colors tend to look best on my skin tone. This means that I snatch up a lot of oranges/peaches etc. With the temps rising FINALLY here in Colorado - Shimmer Polish Trisha seemed like the perfect way to celebrate. I started with one coat of Zoya Lianne, a nice burnt orange red, as undies and added two coats of Trisha on top.
Shimmer Polish's site describes her as an orange cayenne copper glitter. Again I am so impressed with how smoothly these glitter bombs go on the nail and are tamed easily with a topcoat.
For my accent nails I used two coats of an unnamed Walgreen's Halloween polish, a sheer orange jelly with scattered holo polish. I then sponged Trisha on the tips and finished with one last coat of the sheer jelly.
Speaking of celebrating, it was just baby Champ's second birthday! We needed some goodies which included a pup-pie, some frosty paws ice cream and of course a new toy.

Shimmer Polish can be purchased on Etsy for $12 a bottle.