Saturday, April 20, 2013

Shimmer Polish ~ Mary

Upon opening my glorious Shimmer Polish package provided for review, little Ms. Mary caught my eye the most. The site describes it as a red micture with black and silver glitter. The black glitter is what really stands out to me in this polish. In fact, at first I layered this over black and thought DUH Freshie, you can't see that great black hex glitter!
This is why I quickly saw the error of my ways and put two coats of Mary over two coats of Color Club Mamba, a beautiful one coat red jelly from the new Fiesta collection. This was a much better fit. I left my accent nail black with one coat of Sinful Black on Black and used striping tape to try and create a burst. I think I should have thinned the polish, as soon as I pulled up striping tape the lines weren't the cleanest.
I really like this polish and will probably use it by itself for another mani again soon. You can purchase Mary and all of her sisters on Etsy.