Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Pure Ice Dreamy vs. Orly Elation Generation

When I got my hands on that pretty little holo pink jelly base Orly that goes by Elation Generation, I was pretty sure it was a dupe of Pure Ice Dreamy so I decided to do a comparison. Immediately looking at the bottles side by side, Elation Generation seems to have a thicker and more pigmented base. The holo glitters spread throughout also seem more apparent than in Dreamy.
Once on the nail, Elation Generation definitely was a little thicker, providing better coverage in less coats. This is two coats of each with no base or top coat. EG dried nice and smooth while Dreamy had gritty glitter after drying. After taking photos, you can tell that Dreamy is much more patchy and would need a third coat to cover as well.
My thoughts here, add an extra coat of Dreamy for whatever coverage you'd want with EG and you have yourself pretty much the same polish. I really don't see the need to purchase both unless you're gung-ho about a high quality formula.


  1. So good to know! I'm going to grab the Pure Ice this week - thanks!

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