Friday, April 5, 2013

Extra Relaxed Challenge - Violet w/ Jellybean There Done That

Once I saw The Polishaholic's take on affordable "cavier" nails last year - I had hubby drop by Michael's out on an errand and pick up the craft beads. Too bad they are still in the package. I happened to be shopping for my secret Valentine's Exchange and needed all items with sugary and sweet names.
Imagine my delight when I happened upon Finger Paints beads, all with candy-like monikers. I picked up a pot for my swap and one for myself. I'm finally using these little spherical embellishments. As suggested by mani who have blazed this path before me, I did one coat of China Glaze Tardy for the Party, let dry, added a second coat and quickly dropped into the beads.
These covered and stuck to the wet polish so much better than I had imagined they would. I pushed them down and tee hee there they be! The other nails were two coats of Tardy with two coats of 365 Days of Color Jellybean There Done That topper. This has the same pink shimmer that Eggcentric Bunny does and a mish-mash of hex and square glitter in silver, pink and purple.
Not sure about you guys but I rubbed these to high hell until all the beads started coming off so after photos I added a topcoat which didn't actually change the look much and they didn't bleed. OK full confession here, I have a phobia of honeycomb shaped things (other than the cereal). Real honeycombs look weird, when you cut corn off the cob and don't separate it, WEIRD and when beds fall off wet nail polish? GROSS. I had to get home and get those little indents off of my body. While the overall look was cute, I really don't think I can stare at the bald spots without having a spaz attack.