Saturday, April 27, 2013

China Glaze Metallic Floral Garden

This is three coats of Dandy Lyin' Around, the polish ladies weren't lyin' when they put their approval on this one. It is very shimmery and a beautiful white. A nice base if you're willing to go the three or so coats for full coverage. I then used the flowery image from plate BM314. There was a gorgeous black and white combo of this stamp on my Pinterest board but I thought I would add some pretty pastels to the mix.

 My dear husband insisted that Champ be part of this mani shoot, let's just say keeping still isn't his strong suit.

I used China Glaze Emotion, Harmony and Cherish in a reoccurring pattern. I really dislike spring in Colorado, everyone else is like flowers, sun, bunnies yay and I'm over here like um we got 6 inches of snow...SO springtime themed manis, colors and such help remind me that summer is just around the bend.
Happy weekend kids!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

InStyle + CoverGirl Made My Day!

I want to thank Jen of The Polishaholic for posting about's Zooey Deschanel inspired nail contest! Thanks to her, I tweeted my tuxedo-inspired mani from awhile ago and was one of three lucky winners!!!
My package arrived today and included some awesome new Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss, lip balm gloss and mascara. From left to right: Timeless Rubies 315, My Papaya 250, Snow Storm 110, Jumbo Gloss Balm in Rose Twist, Perma-Pink120, Bronze Beauty 235 and the brand new Clump Crusher Lash Blast in Black. I haven't tried any of these products and am really intrigued. Can't wait to test them out.
Thanks also to InStyle!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Shimmer Polish ~ Mary

Upon opening my glorious Shimmer Polish package provided for review, little Ms. Mary caught my eye the most. The site describes it as a red micture with black and silver glitter. The black glitter is what really stands out to me in this polish. In fact, at first I layered this over black and thought DUH Freshie, you can't see that great black hex glitter!
This is why I quickly saw the error of my ways and put two coats of Mary over two coats of Color Club Mamba, a beautiful one coat red jelly from the new Fiesta collection. This was a much better fit. I left my accent nail black with one coat of Sinful Black on Black and used striping tape to try and create a burst. I think I should have thinned the polish, as soon as I pulled up striping tape the lines weren't the cleanest.
I really like this polish and will probably use it by itself for another mani again soon. You can purchase Mary and all of her sisters on Etsy.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mmmm Forbidden Island

So "Mmmm" isn't necessarily my description for this indie polish, but the name of the company on Etsy. It has such a fun name and I get a glint in my eye when I see minty-esque type greens that this one was hard to resist. After I made the purchase of three polishes from the store,I see now that she no longer has an active store or products? I'm not sure if she was just dabbling in the frank world, but my thoughts on the polish may indicate this very fact.
This is three coats of Forbidden Island. I realize that some frankens, especially indie glitter-bombs are thick and need a thinner, but even a brand new bottle of this was very gloopy. After one day of wear it cracked and I seemed to have bald patches even with that many coats. Ultimately it was fine on the nail, but honestly I'm not sure if I'll be using this again =/. I used some Born Pretty Store water decals which pulled out the blue glitter nicely. I am a big fan of their water decals as they have a smooth application and last awhile.
I haven't tried my other two polishes, hopefully those are in a better state of affairs!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Pure Ice Dreamy vs. Orly Elation Generation

When I got my hands on that pretty little holo pink jelly base Orly that goes by Elation Generation, I was pretty sure it was a dupe of Pure Ice Dreamy so I decided to do a comparison. Immediately looking at the bottles side by side, Elation Generation seems to have a thicker and more pigmented base. The holo glitters spread throughout also seem more apparent than in Dreamy.
Once on the nail, Elation Generation definitely was a little thicker, providing better coverage in less coats. This is two coats of each with no base or top coat. EG dried nice and smooth while Dreamy had gritty glitter after drying. After taking photos, you can tell that Dreamy is much more patchy and would need a third coat to cover as well.
My thoughts here, add an extra coat of Dreamy for whatever coverage you'd want with EG and you have yourself pretty much the same polish. I really don't see the need to purchase both unless you're gung-ho about a high quality formula.

Monday, April 8, 2013

First Fishtail Manicure

The new fishtail mani seems easy enough and there are a lot of informative tutorials out there to help get it right. I decided to give this design a go. It was really hard to capture the true hues of these polishes and I'm not loving this photo, but it was the best of what I had - sorry kids!
This is two coats of the wondrous China Glaze Mimosa's Before Mani's. This warm coral shimmer really complements my skin tone. No wonder everyone has been raving about this polish (name craziness aside). Accent fingers were done with China Glaze Keep Calm, Paint On and Color Club On the Rocks. I had a few bubbles here and there, but overall think I executed just fine and really like this style of nail art. Just be careful and make sure you give yourself plenty of time to dry as it is so many layers on top of one another.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Extra Relaxed Challenge - Violet w/ Jellybean There Done That

Once I saw The Polishaholic's take on affordable "cavier" nails last year - I had hubby drop by Michael's out on an errand and pick up the craft beads. Too bad they are still in the package. I happened to be shopping for my secret Valentine's Exchange and needed all items with sugary and sweet names.
Imagine my delight when I happened upon Finger Paints beads, all with candy-like monikers. I picked up a pot for my swap and one for myself. I'm finally using these little spherical embellishments. As suggested by mani who have blazed this path before me, I did one coat of China Glaze Tardy for the Party, let dry, added a second coat and quickly dropped into the beads.
These covered and stuck to the wet polish so much better than I had imagined they would. I pushed them down and tee hee there they be! The other nails were two coats of Tardy with two coats of 365 Days of Color Jellybean There Done That topper. This has the same pink shimmer that Eggcentric Bunny does and a mish-mash of hex and square glitter in silver, pink and purple.
Not sure about you guys but I rubbed these to high hell until all the beads started coming off so after photos I added a topcoat which didn't actually change the look much and they didn't bleed. OK full confession here, I have a phobia of honeycomb shaped things (other than the cereal). Real honeycombs look weird, when you cut corn off the cob and don't separate it, WEIRD and when beds fall off wet nail polish? GROSS. I had to get home and get those little indents off of my body. While the overall look was cute, I really don't think I can stare at the bald spots without having a spaz attack.