Monday, March 4, 2013

Vanilla Brown Sugar Hand Scrub Recipe

Friend - "Ugh my nails are no fun, bland, gross etc."
Me - "Um I have 500 million bottles of nail polish, I'm happy to use you as my guinea pig"
Friend - "Are you sure?"
Me - "Seriously, dude - I couldn't use it all if I tried."
Friend - "Yay! I'll be over immediately"

I'm sure many of you can relate. I have a few friends that take advantage of my polish hoarding tendencies. Plus I'm always super happy to have little Freshies running around with cute nails from moi. My friend Jenna and I usually have a Wednesday night nail date. She's super sweet and often pays me in Starbucks, wine and goodies. She showed up a few weeks ago with handmade vanilla brown sugar hand scrub.

This stuff smells amazing, is all natural but she uses coconut oil instead of the mentioned sunflower or olive oil. Plus this jar is humongo. As you rub the coconut oil it warms up and gets even more moisturizing. Here's the original recipe she pinned off of a blog. She said she also does a summer orange one - can't wait to smelly smell that baby.