Sunday, March 17, 2013

Top o' the Evening to ya! St. Patrick's Day Nails

I hope the luck of the Irish is with all of you on this fine St. Paddy's Day! With an Irish last name I definitely half to live up to it every year. Needless to say the car bombs were flowing (a little too swiftly I might add) and I was feeling the pain today. The hubby even made me take a shot of Jameson after all that madness (puke!). I'm so excited that my Messy Mansion St. Pat's plate came in the mail on Friday. I hurried and took advantage of the adorable images.

The pointer and pinkie are two coats of Orly Lucky Duck stamped worth Maybelline Bold Gold. My accent finger and thumb is two coats of Ulta 3 Frog Prince with two coats of Sinful Green Ocean stamped with Snow Me White.
My middle finger is one coat of Snow Me White, Life Preserver and Orly Here Comes Trouble. I stamped the Claddagh image with Bold Gold. It was off center, but I had spent so much time on this mani already, I decided to live with it.