Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Fake Tattoos Nail Tattoos ~ Review

So I was contacted by Fake Tattoos to see if I would review they're new fake tattoos designed specifically for nails. Once I agreed, I got the packet really quickly. They sent me the entire set. I always get a bit nervous with a one size fits all because I have such small hands and long and skinny nail beds. There was a great mix of phrases and images to mix-and-match. I thought the first attempt I would make is with the Love & Hate decals.

This is two coats of Sinful Sweet Tooth (one of my new favorite springtime picks!) stamped with Messy Mansion Plate 006 and Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Silver Sweep - which I of course dumped all over the floor after I was done. As this is an international product from Scandinavia, the directions at first seemed clear, but I was a little confused about which part needed to be wet.

How to transfer them to your nails:1. Clean your nail with soap and water 2. Cut out the desired tattoo 3. Take slowly away the plastic cover and press the tattoo on to the nail 4. Keep pressing with wet paper 5. When you feel that the paperbacking is sliding away you can slowly remove it 6. Let the tattoo dry for 5 min 7. Choose a high quality top coat and paint the nail (paint at least two thin layers) 8. Let it dry 9. Finished!

We all know that with water decals, you drop in water and put them on a wet nail then slide away the paper. I wasn't sure if I needed a wet rag or should soak these first. I wasn't paying attention and quickly peeled away the plastic (as it says not to above :) ) and some of my first letters went with it =*(. I tried again with the second set, slowly peeled away the plastic and put the first letters on my nail. What is really great about this is they already have a sticky like substance so you have a little help keeping them on your nail. While holding the tattoo in place, I dropped my whole finger in a water bowl and held longer. 
After 30-45 seconds I slowly slid the paper off my nail and voila! Now another little note, I am horrible, I mean completely challenged at writing in a straight line across a blank piece of paper and my nails aren't much different so please excuse the downward slope. Once I got the hang of these, they were really easy. I also think that at least the black images would work wonderfully over all kinds of colors whereas water decals always have to be over a light color. I did a little better on my right hand and sealed all with a topcoat.
Overall I think this is a fun idea, and they have a lot of interesting images and phrases. Although a downside, after the first day of wear these started to rub off which was pretty disappointing. I ended up adding a second topcoat layer to the heart because it got knicked and that one did last longer. Not sure if the staying power is better with a non fast-dry topcoat, but I'd definitely recommend at least two coats for each nail if you want to make it at least a full 24 hours. You can purchase the tattoos directly from their website  for approximately $9.35 a sheet U.S.


  1. these are so cute! i also got to try these and they are amazing!