Friday, March 29, 2013

Extra Relaxed Challenge ~ Blue with Shimmer Polish Maria

The 31 day extra relaxed challenge moves onward! This week is blue. I haven't done a gradient in a minute so decided to play with something. After one coat of Icing True Blue, I did a vertical gradient with True Blue and Sinful Sweet Nothing. They are certainly two different hues in the bottle, but doing a vertical gradient I didn't see near as much as a difference and am not even positive my camera captured it. Let's just pretend it's there k?

After the gradient was dry, I sponged on Shimmer Polish Maria at the base of the nail. This is a hodgepodge of different blues with a hint of silver and a dash of turquoise ultra mini square glitter. Shimmer Polish describes as the blues going from light to dark. I haven't done a sponged glitter on my nail bed and enjoyed the look a lot. I think the most unique thing about the polish line is there are so many different sizes of glitter in complementing colors.
Maria was provided to me for review and can be purchased the above link for $12 a bottle.


  1. fantastic manicure! love it!

    Great minds think alike! Except I like yours better because it looks better coming from the cuticle and going up!

    1. Too funny! The base color is very similar as well ~

  3. beautiful combo! i love this kind of manis