Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Custom Franken Femme

So the lovely Becca from Franken Femme put a call out to Bloggers on the Polish-aholics Anonymous FB group to see if anyone would be interested in a custom polish for review. Well of course she had a ton of takers and I was one of the last - thankfully she was kind enough to include me in on the franken fun. As soon as I unwrapped her sweetly wrapped package I was intrigued. She took my draw to square glitter, holo, jelly, pink and POW created this very "me" polish.
She provided the following description of her concoction: suspension base, white cream base, pink cream polish, black and white square glitter, hot pink matte hexes and holo glitter.
 Direct Sunlight

Indirect Sunlight

I used two thick coats which gave a nice jelly finish and a barely there visible nail line. The glitter goods spread out evenly and the holo makes a saucy cameo. Overall this is a pretty polish that is all Freshie bay-bee! Tune into Becca's blog for many more creations.


  1. SO. SO. RAD. I really like it.
    What a cool way to connect!

  2. OMG, I love your nail designs. I will follow your blog for sure. Please if you are in the mood, I invite you to visit my blog too. Kisses and thanks in advance.

  3. I love the pop of color in this! Beautiful!