Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ciate Very Colorful Foil Manicure ~ Review

Greetings! Once I saw the mention of Ciate's new foil manicure kit I really wanted it. I don't currently own any foils and haven't worked with them before. Since I had a Sephora gift card left from Christmas I thought it was the perfect purchase. It came in the mail pretty quickly and sat in the closet for only a couple of days. When I pulled it out and was ready for a mani, I was quickly disheartened to find the "foil fix" or glue was was hardened and 1/2 full. I couldn't get any on the brush to even attempt to use the foils. I was kinda grumpy considering with shipping it cost me $26.

Thankfully, we opened a full Sephora in my City back in October. After calling they said the sets had just come into stock so I could exchange. The ladies were very kind and helpful, but beware, we had to open more than 3 sets in store to find foil fix that hadn't had the same thing happen to it. We all thought maybe the frigid temps had affected shipments, but I'm still not sure. Once I got this home I was ready for round two. I started with two coats of the provided teal polish which went on nicely in two coats. The foil fix was still very thick and difficult to work with. I dropped it in the microwave (that's a no-no and I should have known that [brainfart]). Finally I added about 25 drops of polish thinner and it seemed to help.

I then randomly placed glue on my nails and waited the suggested minute until it turned clear. I do like the color selection of the foils and the fact that there is enough in there for at least 10 manicures. It took some perfecting to get the right amount of foil to rub off on the glue. I went with the suggested mani of using multiple colors on each nail. I liked the look and with two thick topcoats, it was pretty smooth to the touch.

After all the trouble with the fix, and a horrendous brush, I was happy with the end result and the fact that I have a lot of foil left to play with in the future. I would recommend finding some foil glue from a supply house or online which is pretty disappointing for a $19 product, but at least it comes with a nice polish and multiple sheets. 


  1. what? that brush is horrible! i do like the final result, very pretty. I have never used foil - i need to try it!

    1. Lydz - I know right? Horrendous! I didn't see any of the other reviews complaining so it must have just been me = /