Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pinspiration ~ Glitter Triangles

So Pinterest, also known as the sucker of all free time, is such a great place to pull creative inspiration when your fingers are feeling less than fresh. I did just that when I went for these glitter triangle accented nails. It appears the original pin was from This is four coats of Pixel in Show Me the $. It's a very mild pale gray jelly. I thought it was alright as far as VNL and coverage but then I saw them in the sun and not so much. You could really see some bald spots so I'd recommend some undies next time.

I then used the Sally Hansen chevron tip guides after a fast dry topcoat and did two quick coats of an unnamed Color Club lilac glitter. It came in a set I won with no sticker - let me know if she looks familiar! For my accent nail I did one coat of Nina Ultra Pro Sweet Nothings. It's a one coater - yippee! I then had my go rounds with the massive hex glitters of Color Club It's a Hit! to get full coverage on my accent nail.
I was very proud of this mani and got some great comments. Too bad those four coats of jelly bubbled and popped off after only two days - waagh. I'll be doing one of these manis again.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ciate Very Colorful Foil Manicure ~ Review

Greetings! Once I saw the mention of Ciate's new foil manicure kit I really wanted it. I don't currently own any foils and haven't worked with them before. Since I had a Sephora gift card left from Christmas I thought it was the perfect purchase. It came in the mail pretty quickly and sat in the closet for only a couple of days. When I pulled it out and was ready for a mani, I was quickly disheartened to find the "foil fix" or glue was was hardened and 1/2 full. I couldn't get any on the brush to even attempt to use the foils. I was kinda grumpy considering with shipping it cost me $26.

Thankfully, we opened a full Sephora in my City back in October. After calling they said the sets had just come into stock so I could exchange. The ladies were very kind and helpful, but beware, we had to open more than 3 sets in store to find foil fix that hadn't had the same thing happen to it. We all thought maybe the frigid temps had affected shipments, but I'm still not sure. Once I got this home I was ready for round two. I started with two coats of the provided teal polish which went on nicely in two coats. The foil fix was still very thick and difficult to work with. I dropped it in the microwave (that's a no-no and I should have known that [brainfart]). Finally I added about 25 drops of polish thinner and it seemed to help.

I then randomly placed glue on my nails and waited the suggested minute until it turned clear. I do like the color selection of the foils and the fact that there is enough in there for at least 10 manicures. It took some perfecting to get the right amount of foil to rub off on the glue. I went with the suggested mani of using multiple colors on each nail. I liked the look and with two thick topcoats, it was pretty smooth to the touch.

After all the trouble with the fix, and a horrendous brush, I was happy with the end result and the fact that I have a lot of foil left to play with in the future. I would recommend finding some foil glue from a supply house or online which is pretty disappointing for a $19 product, but at least it comes with a nice polish and multiple sheets. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Traditional Watermarble

Let's talk watermarbles. Messy: check, wastes a ton of precious polish: check, can be disastrous: check. But PLEASE don't let this deter you =p. All the work and time to perfect this technique is really worth it. Plus, I've found that cheap polishes like Sally Hansen and Sinful work wonderfully. My love of polish began after receiving a random eblast from All Lacquered Up's first attempt at this nailart technique from a beauty website. After reading a bit more about it and watching countless how-tos on YouTube, I was a full on addict.

I decided to revisit my roots ladies and no not that mousey brown under my every eight week cover up ;). I started with one coat of China Glaze Dress Me Up and marbled with that, China Glaze Sea Spray, Essie Navigate Her and Ulta Tutu Cute. Viva la watermarble!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lush Lacquer ~ Party Hearty

Greetings girlies! I am sad to report that this is the last of my Lush Lacquer untrieds - boohoo - but it definitely made me want to partay! Just look at all that fun wrapped up in square glitter. This is two coats of Essence Modern Romance, a peach with pink shimmer . She was whispering sweet nothings and almost made me leave her alone. For my accent finger I used two coats of Color Club Blue-Ming mini - that ever elusive Tiffany blue-like hue.

Based on the bottle I thought that Party Hearty had a thicker jelly base but it's definitely a topcoat. I used two coats and did the zombie stare at them the entire time I wore this. Is it just me or is square glitter the most fantastic thing ever? I look forward to trying more of her polishes!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Blue Laced Tears

For those of you who watched yesterday's NFL playoff game, I still can't speak of the horror of the Denver Broncos. It was so disappointing I learned that I really do cry blue and orange tears. It may seem silly to many, but this team has been a part of me since childhood and my husband and I have grown to love the team even more together. If you're still in - here's to you! I can't help but think I was somehow at fault for not having an orange and blue mani so I will post my blue lace mani from last week to show my die-hard fandom!
Sorry for the random puppy hair!

This is three coats of Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Blue Frosting. It is a wondrous pale blue duochrome that flashes pink. It reminds me of oceanic creatures. It was difficult to make opaque as I still had VNL with three coats. I then stamped the lace image from BM323 and China Glaze Blue Bells Ring.

Looking forward to the 2013 season people!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Femme Flakes

I adore snowflakes! I have a cute snowflake necklace that I wish I could wear year-round, but alas I tuck her away after March (which oddly enough is when it snows the most here). This is not limited to jewelry and I'm as equally drawn to snowflake nailart. My first creation with the Bundle Monster plates was a girly snowflake one.

This is two coats of Revlon Starry Pink, which has been chillin' in my untrieds for over a year. I then stamped the snowflakes from plate BM319 and on accent fingers with China Glaze Adore and used the full nail image from BM323. Sorry if my cuticles aren't up to par - it's been really difficult keeping them moisturized and presentable.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ultamate New Year

2013 - where did you come from? Snuck up on me like a crazy ninja! I really wanted to do a watermarble to ring in the New Year but I just plain ran out of time. Thanks to my new Bundle Monster plates I came up with something glittery. This is two coats of China Glaze Ultamate Holiday. For such a breathtaking holo I didn't expect it to be gritty but pay off was large.

I stamped the numbers from BM plate 311 with Sinful Black on Black, my literal countdown to Midnight. Accent fingers were two coats of Black on Black with the firework/flower image from Salon Express plate 20 with China Glaze Megabyte and Color Club Worth the Risque. Wishing you all a happy and polish prosperous New Year!