Saturday, December 1, 2012

Sugar Spin Me Right Round

Seeing all these colorful and creative sugar spun manis made me want to give it a spin. I started with two coats of Color Club De-Luxe-Cious, an untried for awhile. Very pretty gray glitter with a tint of blue. I had to thin it down since I'd never used it and it has sat so long. Since I'm the proud owner of some of the China Glaze Cirque du Soleil Collection I "spun" with Surreal Appeal, a vibrant neon pink.

A little tip, do not use a Styrofoam base for getting your accent polish thick, it ate right through the plate yikes! I think this is a win for my first attempt, I did use a topcoat so it would have some staying  power. My accent finger is two coats of Surreal Appeal with a cupcake sticker.


  1. I love the color combo and the little cupcake accent finger!