Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Minty Christmas

In my last post, I mentioned how lucky I am to have the entire week off - when I get back to work and the water cooler chatter begins, it's difficult to recall all the things I enjoyed with that much time off so I decided to chronicle it!

Friday - Christmas movies w/the hubs and pups
Saturday - Facial and spa treatment, shopping, celebrate Grandma's b-day with a fat pizza dinner
Sunday - Denver BRONCOS game, we won, there was sun, it was awesome ~
Monday - Grabbed a Downtown lunch, finished shopping, went to the family's for Christmas Eve
Tuesday - Woke up, baked cinnamon rolls , watched the pups annihilate presents, did our little family celebration, went to my Parents ate more :) came home watched Christmas movies, made our own feast and ate more (sensing a theme?)
Wednesday - Slept in, jammie and laundry day-then we went to my SIL's house for our little holiday that didn't happen on Tuesday
Thursday - Lots of random errands, insurance claim, credit card etc. then we watched The Dark Knight Rises since we skipped the theaters after the theater tragedy here in CO
Sorry if I'm giving a play-by-play but it helps me remember all that I accomplished =D. My Christmas mani was two coats of Sephora Hello Kitty Minty polish, a bit streaky but worked out with two coats. I then used the Christmas decals from Viva la Nails most recent blogger pack. They are super cute and even on the large side fit on my nails. I then sparkle-fied it with one coat of CND gold holo TC Gold Sparkling. Yes I'm a doof and put the pointer decal on upside down not once, but twice =(.


  1. oh wow! these are beautiful!Hope you had an awesome Christmas! :)

  2. These are pretty! I love how detailed that tree is!