Monday, October 29, 2012

Monarchs & Candy Corn

First off, I have to thank the fantastic Deuce Beauties for holding one of her many generous and saliva inducing giveaways! Because of her, I have my midget hands on Rainbow Polish Monarch. As soon as I unwrapped this from the mail I knew it was going to be a Halloween/Fall go to, the colors, the shapes oh my!

I started with two coats of Ulta Banana Rum in the Sun, a fairly thin pastel yellow cream. I then did two coats of Monarch chalked full of micro orange and yellow hex glitter, medium orange, yellow and black hex glitter, large yellow hex and finally the thing that always draws my eye, the black square glitter.
This is something I easily catch myself staring at just because the great variation in color, size and shape. On my accent fingers I painted one coat of  Sinful Snow Me White then sponged with Banana Rum and Zoya Lianne. I then evened it out and added some glitta with CND Silver Sparkling. Wore this for 6 days and finally started picking it off today ~