Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Summer Sunset Ombre

I'm such a fan of ombre manis(not so sure about the hair trend, at least on me). I thought I would go with summery hues. This is two coats of Revlon's Nail Art French Mix Kiss & Tell. The colors were an orange and yellow shimmer. Not sure which name is which, but I used the yellow, a sheer cream with pink shimmer.
I didn't use the orange that came with the yellow, but I did sponge on Claire's Little Dipper orange with a gold fleck shimmer from the Starstruck collection. She's very pretty and would probably light up the night sky. I used two coats of Little Dipper on my accent nails.


  1. Love this mani! Turned out awesome! Orange and yellow look so great together!

  2. NO WAY. You're amazing! I could never do that to my nails!

  3. Peach ~ Thanks love, after seeing how gorg that orange was it was hard not to do a full mani.

    Imobsessed ~ you're sweet!

    Thanks Barbilycious and Heather!

    Juli ~ It's much easier than you think ;) but I'll take the compliment!