Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ruffle My Feathers

You know, you go to Walgreen's to get say toothpaste, TP, a sugar fix - there's no reason not to wander by the nail polish strategically placed throughout the store. I believe I went in for some kind of medicine and walked out with the new Kiss Nail Dress peacock feather decals. Vibrant colors for summer, I knew I had to use them before the weather turned chilly (NOOOOO, I am strictly against any other season than summer, snow on Christmas is an exception, that is all).

I had a few wrinkles weather to not quick enough placement, or me having midget hands, they still turned out nicely. I filed a bit too harshly on some of the edges and it showed some tips but for the most part these were showstoppers. I accented the decals with two coats of Orly Sweet Peacock. It almost exactly matched the blue shimmer around the "eye" of the feather on the deals. I wore these for four days without trouble. They started to peel at the tip here and there but I was pretty pleased.