Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Neon Trim

I'm having a very difficult time letting summer and the warm temps go, I yell at the trees the more they turn color. Not that they aren't pretty, but it just means cold, snow, etc. I decided to warm up my brain with a neon trim. This is three coats of Nina Ultra Pro Orange Flame. It's super sheer and probably wouldn't be totally opaque unless it was four or five coats. I then freehand the inside part with Pixel Cuddle Time, a dark nude, toffee cream.

Lastly I free handed two coats of the neon tips on top. I saw this technique somewhere else and thought it was the easiest to do. Can't remember where = /. My camera could not capture this color! I know neons are always difficult but this was so much brighter in real life. Are you hanging onto the neons or moving onto darker hues?

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