Saturday, September 29, 2012

Roll the Dice in VEGAS - Pic Heavy

So one of my all-time fave quick getaways is LAS VEGAS! No only was I married there but it's a great vacay my hubby and I try to take as often as possible. Unfortunately the way we do Vegas isn't the most economical - we like to gamble, imbibe, go to shows etc. Thankfully this year we were able to celebrate our wedding anniversary there and had so much fun. We didn't come back thousand-airs but there's always next time.

I had to do a mani to fit the occasion. This is two coats of Deborah Lippmann Ruby Red Slippers, a black jelly with various sized red hex glitter. The accent nails are two coats of T.B.N. Frosty Red then using Cina Vegas style stickers. We decided to check out The Palms at 2am and wouldn't ya know ended up playing roulette with Bam Margera for an hour. Please excuse how awesome I look, it was 2am...

 Best, cheap breakfast in Miracle Mile Shops
 Real flower art in the Gardens of Bellagio
 The insane chandeliers in the new Cosmopolitan 
Miracle Mile Shops 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Neon Trim

I'm having a very difficult time letting summer and the warm temps go, I yell at the trees the more they turn color. Not that they aren't pretty, but it just means cold, snow, etc. I decided to warm up my brain with a neon trim. This is three coats of Nina Ultra Pro Orange Flame. It's super sheer and probably wouldn't be totally opaque unless it was four or five coats. I then freehand the inside part with Pixel Cuddle Time, a dark nude, toffee cream.

Lastly I free handed two coats of the neon tips on top. I saw this technique somewhere else and thought it was the easiest to do. Can't remember where = /. My camera could not capture this color! I know neons are always difficult but this was so much brighter in real life. Are you hanging onto the neons or moving onto darker hues?

Friday, September 21, 2012

First Plastic Bag Mani

I'm sure many of you saw the original Pinterest post on how to do this "saran wrap" mani. As with many Pinteresty-things they don't always turn out quite as well as it should. Very not the case with this mani! I used two coats of Essence Wanna be Your Sunshine which is a nice shimmery bright yellow with gold. I then used one thick coat of Claire's scented nail polish in Bubble Gum.

Rather than using saran wrap I just grabbed a Target bag and went to town. My only regret is that is a nice opaque polish with holographic glitter and it all came off with the bag. I thought it might stay but I guess not. Nevertheless, a nice quick mani with a cool look!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ruffle My Feathers

You know, you go to Walgreen's to get say toothpaste, TP, a sugar fix - there's no reason not to wander by the nail polish strategically placed throughout the store. I believe I went in for some kind of medicine and walked out with the new Kiss Nail Dress peacock feather decals. Vibrant colors for summer, I knew I had to use them before the weather turned chilly (NOOOOO, I am strictly against any other season than summer, snow on Christmas is an exception, that is all).

I had a few wrinkles weather to not quick enough placement, or me having midget hands, they still turned out nicely. I filed a bit too harshly on some of the edges and it showed some tips but for the most part these were showstoppers. I accented the decals with two coats of Orly Sweet Peacock. It almost exactly matched the blue shimmer around the "eye" of the feather on the deals. I wore these for four days without trouble. They started to peel at the tip here and there but I was pretty pleased.  

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Summer Sunset Ombre

I'm such a fan of ombre manis(not so sure about the hair trend, at least on me). I thought I would go with summery hues. This is two coats of Revlon's Nail Art French Mix Kiss & Tell. The colors were an orange and yellow shimmer. Not sure which name is which, but I used the yellow, a sheer cream with pink shimmer.
I didn't use the orange that came with the yellow, but I did sponge on Claire's Little Dipper orange with a gold fleck shimmer from the Starstruck collection. She's very pretty and would probably light up the night sky. I used two coats of Little Dipper on my accent nails.