Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Orly Pastel Gradient

I've been so delighted to see all of these gorgeous gradients coming out of the woodwork. I would have never thought to start with a base of one of the gradient colors and use the same color on  a makeup sponge so thanks to all you awesome ladies who have shared the knowledge. This wasn't quite as smooth of a gradient as I was hoping for, but the chunky glitter may have dinged it up a bit.

I alternated base coats for each nail between Orly Faint of Heart and Prelude to a Kiss. I then used a makeup sponge to create a gradient of the opposite color. Faint of Heart was a nice one coater while I used two coats for the base of Prelude to a Kiss. I then glitterized with Essence Space Queen.
On a side note my little Champ Monster (yes he deserves every bit of his middle name) turned 1! I bought him a yumm special dog birthday bone covered in sprinkles, of course big bro got half. It smelled like a vanilla cookie to me!