Thursday, May 24, 2012

Nail Bliss Bling Review

Oh me and my animal prints, ever since 7th grade a zebra or cheetah anything pulls my like a force field. When I saw this Nail Bliss Bling appliques at Sally's I was dunzo for sure. I nabbed the Zebra and Cheetah, we couldn't let one sit there lonely without the other now could we? I didn't want to spend a ton of time on nailart or concocting a mani so this was the perfect solution. As with most appliques, they stuck on and the excess filed off easily.

I was surprised when it encouraged a topcoat since there are little gems, but I couldn't tell a difference once it was added and felt better about the decals staying on longer. I stared at these non-stop, they really grab a line of vision! I wore them for a good solid four days when some of the edges started coming up. But with shower, dishes and the like, I thought they held up nicely. The adhesive was pretty strong I felt kinda queasy pulling them off, but remover took the remainder of the glue fine. I really liked these for a quick, elaborate looking nail design and would purchase them again!