Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ditto Design: Vintage Cherries

There are so many talented bloggers and ladies that have graced the interweb with their gorgeous, fun and unique nail art designs. Between following all of your blogs and browsing Pinterest, I pick up so many great inspirations. I've decided to start a series called Ditto Designs. This means I'll be picking a great design and either replicating it or somehow giving it a twist of my flavor. However you spin it, YOU help me create these manis. First up: Happy Berry Naiad's Vintage Cherries.

Original ~ 


I used two coats of Orly Jealous Much? for the base then used Sinful Colors White Striper in Bad Chick for the lines. I then used Sinful Snow Me White to stamp the white lace image from m57, Zoya Alegra with a dotter for the cherries and a nail art brush in Ulta 3 Frog Prince for the steps. On my index and thumb I used three coats of China Glaze Love Letters. I was so happy with this and wore it for over a week! 


  1. OMG OMG OMG~!!!!!! This is SUPER cuuuteeee~xD I LOVE this sooooo much!!! It made me happy just looking at your nails;p

  2. This is so pretty! You did a great job!

  3. Minnie ~ you are the sweetest!

    Laura ~ I really appreciate it =D

    Beauty ~ That's nice, thank you!

    Passion ~ Aww, you're making me blush.

    Peace ~ I was surprised at how well it turned out, thanks!