Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Chevy Heart Fail

So this was one of my Valentine's fail manis. Sometimes they look so much better in your brain. I started with three coats of Ulta Happily Ever After, a sheer pink shimmer. Really pretty and would work nicely for a french mani. I then used Sally Hansen's Chevron tip guides in the middle of my finger, used one thick coat of Zoya Marley on the bottom and one thick coat of Ulta Tutu Cute on the top. When that was done I added one coat of NOPI's Justin Beiber Step to the Beat of my <3 Purple Glitter Topcoat.
This was soooo chunky and I couldn't stop rubbing my nails. It wasn't long before I started peeling each little heart off. No me gusta, it happens sometimes I guess!


  1. Looks cute! Too bad it was chunky :( I still like how it turned out!

  2. Doesn't look failure at all! It looks so cute:D Hehe, I tend to peel my thick manicure too;p

  3. que bonito manicure! not a failure at all...but i know what you mean about peeling the hearts, or rhinestones off...:( i do it all the time... :(

  4. Sorry about the peeling but this sure looks cute.:D

    ***** Marie *****