Saturday, January 14, 2012


I'm so nervous! The Denver Broncos have advanced to the PLAYOFFS! We're having a few people over to watch the game. Hopefully it's not a rager because we've had our fill the last couple of weekends. Did your team have a good season?

On to nails and such~I couldn't find my Orly french tip guides to help make a perfect ruffian so I free-handed my second attempt at this mani style. This is two coats of Color Club Twiggie with two coats of Icing Epic Winning (was this part of the Charlie Sheen collection?). Sheen silliness aside this blue-based glitter with massive holo happy tickles my pickle. A bit gritty but worth it!


  1. cute! awesome that your team made it to the playoffs.. not into football but its sure fun to hear the hubby get excited or upset about it! lol

  2. Epic Winning is blanging!!!

    I don't watch football but hubby says his team is having a terrible season, lol.

  3. Broncos :O, nah my Jets didn't make it :'(. And yes, Epic Winning was part of the Charlie Sheen collection (glitter love in a bottle!).

  4. Ha you're funny Lydz! They blew it anyway =(

    Enamel ~ Aww thanks! It was as awesome on the nail as it was in the bottle. Sorry about the season, we all have them.

    Em ~ What a funny collection! It was awesomenesss tho~

    Polish ~ It is, not soo fun to take off =/ Thanks!