Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Tropical Escape

Almost two months ago my family was generous enough to take us all on vacation - to the Dominican Republic! This was right before Halloween so I had to split up those holiday manis with something bright and great for sitting on the beach. I bought two random Halloween polishes from Walgreens with no name. They were both jellies with sparse holo glitter. One was bright orange and the other a bright fuchsia. Perfect polishes for a sammie ~ (glitter sandwich that is).
I used two coats of the fuchsia, one coat of Cover Girl Boundless Color in Disco Dazzle ~ various sizes of silver hex glitter ~ and used one final coat on top. I then stamped konad special light blue polish and the playful dolphin from plate GCOCL. It held up alright, not sure if it was the brand or the excessive water and humidity that made it start to chip.

Either way the vacation was awesome, beautiful water, unlimited drinks and some relaxing time off work.

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