Friday, December 23, 2011

Red & Green Flakie Fiasco

I had the best idea! Sitting in my untrieds was Sinful Red Ocean and Green Ocean, layered over something dark and vampy, wouldn't this make a rockin' Christmas mani? That's what I thought, too bad it just plain didn't work out. There were just too many colors flashing around for the nails to look purely green or red. Not that I would complain about a multi-faceted flakie normally, but for this particular mani yes sirry Bob. I used two coats of Ulta Green with Envy, awesome vampy green shimmer with two think coats of each color.

I used Green Ocean on my middle, pinkie and thumb and Red Ocean on my pointer and index fingers. After looks closer both polishes have tiny square glitter mixed in with the flakies. Speaking of flakies I used my Christmas Cheer to smile at my Sally's and they went in the back and emerged with two of Finger Paints new flakies - Merry Christmas to me! They said they only had Flecked and Motley in which I thought was strange to limit it, but I'll take what I can get. Have you had a chance to grab these little lovelies?


  1. Thats awesome they pulled out some of the new Finger Paints polishes for you at Sally's! The girl that works at my local Sally's has done that for me too! The mani looks great even though it didn't turn out as planned. I didn't realize there was a Red Ocean polish from Sinful! Green Ocean is a pretty awesome color!

  2. Those look awesome, I wish I could find those two!

  3. Peach ~ So awesome, I didn't think they would! I got it at

    Polish ~ Thanks! I got it at, they also have a dark blue ocean.