Monday, September 19, 2011

Like Royalty

So I know that Orly's Royal Velvet was the breakout star in the fairly recent Precious collection. I wasn't quite sure until I sported her. The way it catches the light and duochrome type goodness is fascinating. Royal Velvet really describes the color best. This is two coats stamped with China Glaze Avalanche and the flower-like image from plate k05. My accent were some Fing'rs USA silver glitter crown stickers and small circles.

I also wanted to share a fun pic of the lab baby. His ears are sooo big, even bigger than his older brother. He literally woke up like this the other day and I was lucky enough to have a camera close by. We say he looks like a gremlin when his ears get turned inside out like this.
Did you grab this color when it came out? Are you as big a fan as I?


  1. I haven't seen this color yet, but it's beautiful! Your puppy is soo cute!!!

  2. ooh i'm loving navys righ tnow.. but i really want to know about that pink ring. that's awesome. i need that.

  3. Awww, what a cute puppy! My lab puppy is all grown now (he's going on 2), but I still call him my puppy. I have a chocolate lab; he's the one that broke my nose! haha!

    Cute mani!

  4. Such a pretty blue-love the stamp!

  5. Like you I'm a big fan!!
    And you cutie is so funny!

  6. Thank you Polish and Charms!

    Pretty, the hubby got it for me at the jewelry kiosk in the mall called Pagoda~

    Crystal~ They'll always be puppies to me no matter how old they are :) too bad he broke your nose :(

    Thanks Fingers and rock-or-not!