Monday, June 6, 2011

My Double Dose of Birthday Fun & Giveaway~

Man, it's that time of year when I get another year older and realize time just flies by! I celebrate the big 27 today, truly can't believe it! Another birthday this month is my blog birthday on the 19th so I thought I would celebrate with a giveaway!! ~ There will be two winners.

The grand prize winner receives a 7 pack of Simple Pleasures cream polishes, OPI Silver Shatter, Sinful Colors Green Ocean (it's shrunk for some reason, but promise it's brand new) Hot Topic holo silver glitter, Ulta Material Girl, Milani In a Flash, True Blue Spa Super Soft Hand Lotion, Art Club full nail decals and blingy toe separators.

Second winner receives China Glaze Senorita Bonita, Wet N' Wild's Party of Five Glitters, blingy toe separators and LA Colors 3-D nail stickers.

I'm going to do entries a little different this time. I ask that you email me your entry at with the following:
  • GFC follower name (must be a follower) and an email to reach you if you win ~ 1 entry
  • Blog about this giveaway and add the first photo and a link to your sidebar ~ 2 entries *won't count if your blog is dedicated to giveaways only
  • Follow me on Facebook (provide name you follow by) ~ 2 entries
  • Your must have polish ~ 1 entry
  • How you celebrated or will celebrate your birthday this year ~ 1 entry
Open internationally. I will ship the most cost effective way. The giveaway closes at midnight mountain standard time July 6, 2011. Please note nothing was donated and I bought all the prizes with my own money. Good luck!


  1. Happy Birthday :-)

    Great giveaway, I look forward to entering!

  2. Wooow!! Happy Birthdaaayyy;D Do you have any special plans for this special day???

  3. Happy Birthday!

    I was 27 a month ago :D

  4. Happy Birthday, my birthday is on June 8. wish to say i was 27 but i passed about 7 years ago.

  5. Happy Bday!!!!!
    and thank you for this giveaway!

  6. Thanks for all the birthday love girls! I did have a great weekend and plan to post about it today or tomorrow~

  7. happy birthday!! i just send u an email :) thanks for the giveaway!!

  8. Heyy Ms. Freshie Go shorty it's ya birthday!!!
    It's also a tag gimmie your purse, check out my blog!!! (lol)


  9. Thanks chicas! Miki, I will do this soon I promise~

  10. 1. Following you on GFC!

    2. My fav polish is For Audrey by China Glaze

    3. I spent my birthday all day relaxing at home :)

  11. GFC : Mrs Conde
    Facebook; Simplyadorable85
    Nail Polish: Pure Ice - First Time
    Spent Birthday: Home with the hubby

  12. Hi,

    I'm your follower Lucisek-Lucy's Stash

    I follow you on Fb as Lucie Hanuskova

    lucisek dot beluha at googlemail dot com


  13. Happy Birthday and have lots of fun with your giveaway!!

  14. Happy birthday!!!

    I am a follower via GFC (Alexa1202) and my email is alexa12_02[at]yahoo[dot]com.

    I would love to enter your giveaway.
    I blogged about the giveaway here:

    I liked you on FB (Alexandra Schnaider)

    Must have polish: Barry M - Dusky Mauve

    on my birthday, I will probably go out with my boyfriend and some friends :)


  15. Hi,
    GFC: jessnghc
    i hv like your FB:Jess Ng
    i must have OPI shatter~~
    i celebrate a birthday with my family at bali, the scene there is so nice...i think i will never forgot this moment~~


  16. Hi there!
    GFC: Lw
    Must have polish: Deborah Lippmann across the universe
    I'm going to celebrate my birthday this year with a trip to universal studios in Singapore! :)

  17. GFC: kamilkamilka
    My must have polish: Asos Chloe

  18. Happy birthday!
    GFC: maddailade
    FB: Madda Ilade

  19. WOW!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! Favourite birthday I had I think was going to the Zoo or something silly like that :)

    my GFC name is: Elizabeth


    Oh and I tweeted about your giveaway :): my twitter name is eliza_beff


  20. Thanks for the awesome giveaway, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    GFC: Carmen Yeung
    Email: carcarly0109(at)hotmail(dot)com
    Must have polish: Chanel Graphite

    I'm going to celebrate my birthday this year with my bf whom I have been dating for 7 months :)

  21. Hello:*
    Must have polish:China Glaza Senorita Bonita
    Facebook:Ada Tina
    I celebrate my birthday with my friends and my family

  22. What nice to organize a giveaway :)

    My gfc name : Laura
    Email : laura18k (at) gmail (dot) com
    Must have polish : I am hoping to try some china glaze, they don't sell it here :(
    Celebrate birthday : with my family and try to relax

  23. GFC follower: Lyudmila
    Fan on fb=Lyudmila Sizova (+2)
    Total: 3 entries
    lusizova at

  24. gfc follower: Sasha Lang
    Facebook Follower: sasha Lang

    sassysasha817 at gmail dot com

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. hapy birthday!!!

    -gfc follower: hetiskleinenhetblogt
    -Facebook follower: Silke Polhuys

    pluimstaartwoelmuis at hotmail dot com

    My must have nail polish is Essie - Smokin Hot. Such a lovely and stylish colour, I love it.

    I'm going to celebrate my birthday with all of my closests friends, because i'm turning 21! We will sit in the park and picknick with lots of tea and cupcakes :)

    xxx Silke (Netherlands)

  26. Happy birthday! I would love to enter, I follow as Nicole Top To Toe and my email is

    My birthday was the end of May and I had a small group of friends over to play xbox kinect and a takeaway.

    My must have polish is Nubar Reclaim, a great green holo

  27. GFC: TrailerHood Chic

    Blogged here:

    My must have's........The one I have would be OPI DS Glamour....the one I don't have would be any other linear holo. LoL

    I plan to see Breaking Dawn for my birthday as it releases 3 days after!!

  28. have a happpy b-day!! =)

    i m following u thru GFC=kaderkismet
    my email is

    i think i ahve around 100 polishes, but no china glaze or OPı as they are not sold here in Turkey.

    I celebrated my birthday with a trip this year!! I went to see my friends in collage, and had a nostalgia weekend

  29. Hello!
    GFC: Mad@
    Blog post:
    Must have polish: Sinful Colors Green Ocean
    I have celebrated my birthday this year and have a party with my friends :D

  30. Hi!
    gfc: you nailed it!
    email: renee quekel at hotmail dot com
    i celebrated my birthday at home with a lot of friends nd we went clubbing afterwards :)

  31. gfc: SemiGlossy
    facebook account name: Lou-Ann Yao

    My birthday's Sept30. I celebrated last year in the hospital (my mom died the next day)
    This year, I'm planning to have a double celebration (for last year and this year). I'll paint my nails with beautiful colors, visit my mom's grave and party afterwards.

    Happy Birthday! Thanks! btw, I'm also turning 27 this year.

  32. gfc: SemiGlossy
    facebook account name: Lou-Ann Yao

    My birthday's Sept30. I celebrated last year in the hospital (my mom died the next day)
    This year, I'm planning to have a double celebration (for last year and this year). I'll paint my nails with beautiful colors, visit my mom's grave and party afterwards.

    Happy Birthday! Thanks! btw, I'm also turning 27 this year.


  33. AAAaaaarg I'm late! Happy birthday

  34. darnn I missed out! happy birthday guuuurl :) (mine was on the 13th of july)

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