Thursday, June 9, 2011

Glidda Chevron

I only have a four day week but it's kickin' my can. I had grand things in mind for this mani, it turned out fine, but definitely didn't fulfill my ~vision~. I started with three coats of Orly's Plum. I then stamped the dot/criss-cross pattern from plate m71 with black konad. I couldn't get the full image picked up very well. I then used a coat of China Glaze Fast Forward, used Sally Hansen's chevron tip guides and added a coat of NYC clear topcoat above it so I could dunk it in LA Splash's black nail art glitter Onyx.

I was hoping more Fast Forward would smooth out the grit, even with two thick coats I could feel chunky-chunks. I'm ashamed as an admitted nail polish addict to say I kept this on for eight days fur to laziness. The tips wore off pretty quick due to the glitter not being a polish. Other than that it held up OK.


  1. Ficou muito bonito ... chique!"

    Beijos ...


  2. Thank you silence and rock or not!

  3. that's plate m71? that looks awesome! the design is so...fragile...petite...soft looking. now i gotta get plate 71

  4. omg, this is such a beautiful mani <3