Thursday, June 30, 2011

Deep Dark Ocean

I swear it feels like Friday, wishful thinking! Are my U.S. honeys rockin' they Independence Day manis yet? I need to get mine done tonight for sure. I was thinking I had some neato flakies from Sinful that I hadn't used at all. After seeing so many of your great flakie swatches over black, I thought that was best. This is a BC and two coats of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Midnight in NY. It's a black base with multi-colored shimmer. I added one thick coat of Sinful Deep Blue Ocean on top sealed with Orly's Sec N Dry.

I also want to say SORRY as I've been tagged for a few things and haven't been able to keep up. Miki of One Chic Bella tagged me for "What's in Your Purse." Here she is...

  • Makeup bag with random lipgloss and eye drops
  • Keys
  • ipod Touch
  • Pen
  • Mints
  • Sunscreen
  • California Mango Hand Cream
  • Band Aid Brand Foot Protector Balm
  • Wallet
  • Zappos Gift Card
  • Colorado Luggage Tag and Screen Cleaner
  • Mini manicure set
  • eos Lip Balm
  • Random Goat's Milk Hand Lotion
  • Victoria's Secret Lip Gloss in Cherry Bomb


  1. im always curious if there's a difference btwn the ocean flakies for sinful colors..they look almost the same over black..hmm...

    i like this mani =) I like everything with flakies. I think my fav flakie is hidden treasure

  2. I wish I had Deep Blue Ocean.. I have Green Ocean and I LOVE it! Very pretty :)

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