Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Comp Screen Fatigue and Blue Holo

Hey all my working ladies, isn't it hard to stare at a computer screen all day then come home and do it again? I love writing my blog and reading all your great posts but sometimes it's hard to get motivated to sit down in front of this thing AGAIN, feel me? I picked up the Biebs Nicole by OPI dark blue holo glitter polish Me + Blue. As some of you have noticed, the holo is much more apparent in the bottle than on the nail. I really like the idea of a dark blue holo but man this was crazy gritty. 

Even with a TC of China Glaze Fast Forward it would "catch" on things. I then added some purple Essence tear drop rhinestones that should have looked like a flower but absolutely didn't haha! Both shots are in direct sunlight. Verdict, great in the bottle, ok on the nail. Let's have a smooth dark blue holo puhleaze. Have you tried any of JB's polishes?


  1. Looks like a great color! Too bad it doesn't wear that great :( Cute mani!

  2. That is a great colour but I just can't get past the Beib thing... *shudder*

  3. I can totally understand what its feel like working allday at a computerXD I love this colour very much!! Little stones are so pretty:D

  4. I keep being told the Beiber polish is neat. I like that color! I just don't think I like Beiber... :)

  5. i know what you mean about working all day then coming back to look at a screen again but I am totally addicted to facebook and my blog reader and youtube so generally my comp goes on before my coat comes off hehe!!

    shel xx

  6. I loooooved those nails!
    Huge kiss from a Portuguse fan <3

  7. Thanks Peach, I know right?

    Haha I understand Ice Queen ~

    Thank you Miss Minnie ~

    Jessi ~ I'm the same way. I picked up this one and the heart glitter one

    Irish ~ It's pretty bad around here too. Between androids, itouches, laptops and ipads who knows what sort of radiation I'm getting haha.

    Thank you Marsidia!!

  8. Now i have to go put on some shades because those nails have too much bling<3 You know i love the color and i love the style but mannn thats gunna be a mutha coming off.. I have always had a problem with glitter nails. I know whats its like being on the computer..I have been doing receptionist jobs for years and its always revolving around computers..Whatever happened to paper and pen?? Non existent. What we need now is a computer you can just talk to and it types everything so you dont even have to stare at it!...hmmm. But im sure you got a whole lot of compliments.

  9. Oh and P.S. U follow me? U Rock =D


    PPS: I want your

  10. i luv bieber~~~~lol but it is a great colour on your hand and i luv that name "me +blue"~~~so cute~~~~


  11. Mikayla ~ It was a Biatch to get off, truly bad. I had to soak in acetone for awhile. Thanks for likin the bling though! I don't think a comp that dictates words is too far're very welcome =D

    Thanks so much Jessy!