Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Neon Melon Crackle

Oh man, I really need to sit down and blog more but it's soooo hard when the weather warms up! I love taking the pup for a walk with my honey after work and making dinner together. Plus I need to get rid of the jiggle and start working out :O. I'm so happy to see everything green around here, it really calls for some screamin' bright polish!!!

For instance, a BC and three coats of Sinful's Neon Melon (bright neon yellow/green cream) with one layer of China Glaze Crushed Candy teal crackle on top and Fast Forward topcoat. I tried out a few combinations on paper before I went with this one.  It says SUMMER in my book. 

On another note, Lady Luck paid me a visit and I won Ms. Holiday's, from Silence is Loud, 300 Follower giveaway. Tell me you aren't in love with that ring?! I am yay ~ Thanks so much darling!

Monday, May 23, 2011


Not sure about you chicas but I like to go from one extreme mani to the other end of the spectrum. If I do something vampy, I want the next mani to be girly, if I do something soft I want the next one dark. Ah variety you really are the spice of life. I hadn't done a true nude maybe ever. I went for ULTA It's Nude to Me. This is a BC with three coats. I then stamped the flower image with konad special white polish and image plate m71 and accented my index fingers with the lacey flower image from the same plate. I sealed it with Fast Forward and had me a nudey mani. I didn't mind leaving this on for a few days, it was really classy looking, especially for work. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Comp Screen Fatigue and Blue Holo

Hey all my working ladies, isn't it hard to stare at a computer screen all day then come home and do it again? I love writing my blog and reading all your great posts but sometimes it's hard to get motivated to sit down in front of this thing AGAIN, feel me? I picked up the Biebs Nicole by OPI dark blue holo glitter polish Me + Blue. As some of you have noticed, the holo is much more apparent in the bottle than on the nail. I really like the idea of a dark blue holo but man this was crazy gritty. 

Even with a TC of China Glaze Fast Forward it would "catch" on things. I then added some purple Essence tear drop rhinestones that should have looked like a flower but absolutely didn't haha! Both shots are in direct sunlight. Verdict, great in the bottle, ok on the nail. Let's have a smooth dark blue holo puhleaze. Have you tried any of JB's polishes?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sorbet Fail

Ay ay ay work has been kicking my buttocks! I love what I do and I love having a full plate but it's starting to get just a lil insane. I only picked up two of the sorbet polishes from the OPI Texas Collection, Houston We Have a Purple and Guy Meets Galveston. I decided to throw on Houston We Have a Purple. This is an eye-catching berry-like purple. I started with a BC and three coats of the polish. I then had a dilemma, "Do I use Top Coat with this or not?"

My babe had the laptop so I asked him to Google, from the entries I noticed it seemed like all you ladies were using a TC so I finished with one coat of Fast Forward, waited until it dried then accented my index finger and thumb with the girly flower decals I received in Cosmetic Cupcake's swap. Massive failage. Fast Forward shrunk this polish like there was no tomorrow and the stickers went all the way down to my nail. It looks OK in the pics but this mani was not purdy. I'll have to attempt this polish again soon.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pastel Stripe Sponge

Well an early hola before Cinco de drink a margarita day! Thanks to miss Sharon of Polish Infatuated I made an attempt at the Rainbow Nail tutorial she created for me. She did such a good job this was quick, easy and turned out to be one of my absolute favorites!!

Started with a BC and then created stripes directly on a makeup sponge with Zoya Marley, China Glaze Lemon Fizz, Sephora Hello Kitty Bubblegum and Icing True Blue. I did the sponge technique twice on each nail then added one coat of Essence Space Queen glitter topcoat and sealed it with Fast Forward. Tada! This was my Easter mani and it pained me to remove it. I will be trying this technique with all kinds of colors. Sharon even used a paper towel instead of a sponge ~