Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pastel Houndstooth Mani

Sorry I've been MIA ~ super duper busy like a beaver planning a surprise birthday party for the babe's 30th! It was a great success and he truly was surprised. It's so nerve racking to trust everyone to not say anything.
On to the nails, yay for pastels! For this pre-Easter mani I did a BC and three coats of Sally Hansen's Loyal Lavender. I then stamped the houndstooth image from plate m63 with Icing's Mint 2 Be. This is one of my favorite greens and went nicely with the purple. On my index finger I decided to try some of the water decal nail art sent to me for review by Born Pretty Store. 

My last attempt with water decals ~ not so hot. I painted two coats of Mint 2 Be on my accent fingers, let dry, then followed the directions from the water decals exactly. I blow dried them when I hadn't before and they worked so well! They were nice and flat and I couldn't feel the edges. I wore this mani for four days and had no problems. I was very impressed with how well they adhered to my nail, and how long they stayed. I topped the entire mani off with a coat of Essie Matte About You. My first matte mani

*Disclaimer, I will review all products honestly! I was not paid for this review, just sent various items. 


  1. Very cute mani! Love the springy pastel colors! Glad to hear the surprise party went well! Happy birthday to him!

  2. Soft and girly colors!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  3. Oh, good luck on the surprise birthday party. Those ARE so nerve wracking. I won't tell, lol. I love your mani - so soft and pretty.

  4. Thanks Peach, it was the big 30!

    Thank you peripatetic, Marie & Paulina~

    Lacquer ~ For the most part it was good, a hell of a lot of work ;). Thanks for keeping quiet, and the compliment!

    Appreciate it Natalie~

  5. Houndstooth manis are for some reason my favorites right now.But since I don't have the plate, I just watch them in other people's manis.I love how soft and girly it came out to be! :D

  6. I've always liked the pattern too Ria, Thanks so much~

  7. I love the subtle colors!^^
    By the way, I tag you